What does Deputy Governor Danforth symbolize?

Danforth represents the evil of blind certainty in the play: he refuses to accept the truth because to do so would humiliate him.

What kind of person is Deputy Governor Danforth?

He is presented as a harsh and domineering governor, apparently conflated with William Stoughton, who does not appear in Miller’s play (although he and Samuel Sewall are mentioned briefly by Danforth in Act 3, Scene 1).

What did Judge Danforth do in the crucible?

Danforth: Judge, Jury, and Executioner Judge Danforth’s position in the crucible is the Judge assigned to the proceedings of the Salem witch trials. Instead of treating this immense responsibility with the respect and restraint that is needed, Danforth abused his power by betraying the people of Salem and the Law.

Which best describes Deputy Governor Danforth’s attitude towards the witch trials?

What is Danforth;s basic attitude toward the proceedings of the trials? How does his philosophy influence the trials? Danforth believes in the power of the court and wants to protect it at all costs and either believes that people are innocent or guilty.

What was Danforth reputation?

Danforth was known to be extremely arrogant and anyone who questioned him was questioning the court and therefore accused of being ungodly. It is very obvious that if anyone had proved the girls were lying it would mean Danforth was wrong and make him look like a fool.

How does Danforth protect his reputation?

In Act Four, when it becomes clear that the allegations of witchcraft are completely false, Danforth refuses to see the truth. He hangs innocent people to avoid sullying his own reputation.

How is Judge Danforth corrupt?

Judge Danforth was corrupt in “The Crucible” because he knew that the hysteria and cries of witchcraft from the teenage girls was all a farce. He knew that the girls were lying and accusing people based on their personal judgments, and yet, he let the trials continue.

How does Judge Danforth show off his power?

In speaking to Francis Nurse during the courtroom scene of Act 3, Danforth reveals his own deluded belief that he is doing the will of God by condemning innocent people to death. Danforth’s lack of self-awareness results in the deaths of many innocent people.

How does Danforth manipulate language?

Bribery and Manipulation When bribery fails, Judge Danforth resorts to manipulation in saying, ”a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between” and ”no uncorrupted man may fear this court.

What does Governor Danforth represent in the Crucible?

Governor Danforth represents rigidity and an over-adherence to the law in The Crucible. Danforth is clearly an intelligent man, highly respected and successful.

How is Deputy Governor Danforth similar to Reverend Hale?

Deputy Governor Danforth. In some ways, Danforth appears similar to Reverend Hale. Both are learned and respectable men who at first seem deliberate and cautious in their approaches to the charges of witchcraft. Danforth seems to go out of his way to give everyone a fair hearing.

How does Danforth feel about those who disagree with him?

Though he’s more open-minded and intelligent than Judge Hathorne, Danforth believes completely in his ability to distinguish truth from fiction. He views those who disagree with him as suspect.

Why does Danforth threaten to kill John?

In order to protect himself, he continues to insist that he did the right thing, and, even now, tries to threaten John. Hang them high over the town! Who weeps for these, weeps for corruption! Danforth gets almost the last word in the play, condemning John to death for taking back his false confession.

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