What does Beneatha say about being a doctor?

Beneatha grieves for her dying dream of becoming a doctor. She no longer believes she can attain her goal because the source for tuition money has dried up. She explains that, in her view, curing people is a real way of providing miracles for others.

What is a quote from Beneatha?

‘And forgive me for ever wanting to be anything at all! (Pursuing him on her knees across the floor) FORGIVE ME, FORGIVE ME, FORGIVE ME! ‘ In this scene, Beneatha is being sarcastic by apologizing to her brother for having dreams of becoming a doctor because Walter Lee doesn’t realistically think it can happen.

What does Beneatha Younger symbolize?

The daughter of Mama Lena Younger and the sister of Walter Lee Younger, Beneatha represents the young women of the so-called silent generation of the 1950s on the verge of new and unprecedented freedom.

What does Beneatha say about being God?

I always thought it was the one concrete thing in the world that a human being could do. Fix up the sick, you know— and make them whole again. This was truly being God….” This monologue gives the audience insight into Beneatha’s character.

Why is Beneatha inspired to become a doctor?

She saw a child who was injured and how a doctor saved him. Beneatha tells him that this moment from her childhood is why she wants to become a doctor.

Why does Beneatha not want to be a doctor?

Why doesn’t Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore? She doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore because she thinks that without the money she won’t be able to go to school to be a doctor. She can’t cure that problems that are wrong with humanity such as racism and greed.

Why can t Beneatha use the bathroom when she gets up?

Water gets angry; he wants his wife to nod, smile, and support him. Beneatha Younger, also referred to as Bennie, emerges from the left bedroom. She wants to use the bathroom but those dratted neighbors and their bodily functions prevent her from doing so.

Why does Beneatha not want to be a doctor anymore?

Why did Beneatha cut her hair off?

Beneatha’s Hair Her new, radical afro represents her embracing of her heritage. Beneatha’s cutting of her hair is a very powerful social statement, as she symbolically declares that natural is beautiful, prefiguring the 1960s cultural credo that black is beautiful.

Why did Beneatha want to be a doctor in the first place?

Why didn’t Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore? She used to think that fixing people’s ailments was the best thing to do. Now she thinks that physical ailments aren’t the problem of society.

Why does Beneatha not believe in God?

Beneatha’s values differ from her mother’s traditional ones. Mama still has faith in God, but Beneatha has lost faith because of all the hardships her and her family have faced.

Why doesn’t Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore What is the general mood of the household Why?

What does Beneatha nickname mean?

When Asagai says goodbye, he calls Beneatha by a nickname, “Alaiyo.” He explains that it is a word from his African tribal language, roughly translated to mean “One for Whom Bread—Food—Is Not Enough.” He leaves, having charmed both women.

What inspired Beneatha to become a doctor?

What may have caused Beneatha to have doubts about her dream of becoming a doctor?

Why does Beneatha say she won’t marry George?

Why did Beneatha say she wouldn’t marry George? She admitted that he was rich, but she thought he was shallow. She liked him well enough to go out with him, but she didn’t love him.

Did Beneatha go to Africa?

Although Beneatha’s family has been in America for several generations, and Beneatha has never been to Africa, Asagai insists that once in Africa, she will feel as though she has been away for only one day.

Who said you pregnant in a raisin in the sun?

Mama sits down with Walter who is upset by—and ashamed of—his poverty, his job as a chauffeur, and his lack of upward mobility. Finally, Mama tells him that Ruth is pregnant and that she fears that Ruth is considering having an abortion.

Why does Beneatha no longer want to be a doctor?

Why didn’t Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore? she’s sees no human battle worth fighting no human life worth saving . she decided to go to Africa instead. she doesn’t want to have to treat the oppressors.

How does Beneatha Younger change?

Unlike the rest of her family, Beneatha looks beyond her immediate situation in an effort to understand herself as a member of a greater whole. As she becomes more educated, it becomes increasingly hard for Beneatha to relate to the rest of her family.

Why did Beneatha straighten her hair?

Rather than force her hair to conform to the style society dictates, Beneatha opts for a style that enables her to more easily reconcile her identity and her culture. Beneatha’s new hair is a symbol of her anti-assimilationist beliefs as well as her desire to shape her identity by looking back to her roots in Africa.

What is Beneatha’s dream who seems opposed to it?

Beneatha mocks Asagai’s dream of reform, comparing it to a medicine that might make things feel better, but really won’t cure anything.

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