What country has sold the most records?

The Bestselling Country Artists of All Time

  • ALABAMA. Formed back in 1969 and still going strong, Alabama is the bestselling country band of all time with certified global sales of 48 million.

Which country buys the most albums?

The United States has remained the biggest market for recorded music in IFPI history.

Who is the biggest selling artist of the 21st Century?

Adele’s 21 is the best-selling album of the 21st century to date, with sales of over 31 million copies worldwide. Her third album 25, is also on the list with sales of over 23 million copies.

Who is the biggest country artist?


  • 1 Dolly Parton74%
  • 2 Johnny Cash70%
  • 3 Willie Nelson63%
  • 4 Kenny Rogers61%
  • 5 Reba McEntire60%
  • 6 Patsy Cline58%
  • 7 Shania Twain58%
  • 8 Carrie Underwood57%

What country dominates music?

The music industry has evolved and changed a lot over the years….Largest Music Industries in the World.

Rank ´╗┐Country Value (US, Millions)
1 United States 4,898
2 Japan 2,628
3 Germany 1,405
4 United Kingdom 1,335

What country listens to the most music?

The people of The Netherlands listen to the most radio per week (10/5 hours)….Which country in the world listens to the most music? You might be surprised.

  • The average person is now listening to music 18 hours a week, up from 17.8 the previous year.
  • The people who listen to the most?

Who has sold the most records in the 21st century?

Adele’s 21 is the best-selling album of the 21st century to date, with sales of over 31 million copies worldwide.

Who has sold the most albums in century?

What country buys the most music?

United States
According to a global study held in 2019, 26 percent of surveyed internet users worldwide had bought a CD or vinyl record or paid to download music in the last month….

Characteristic Share of respondents
United States 34%
United Kingdom 30%
Australia 27%
Global 26%

What country has contributed the most to music?

The USA tops the list with high scores in categories such as top music schools and music label HQs in the country. Next comes the UK, with a respectable score of 75.3 out of 100, followed by France and Germany, which share equal overall scores of 62.7.

What 3 countries influence popular music today the most?

A new data-driven study set out to investigate, drawing up a list of the world’s most influential countries in the music industry. It turns out that the USA leads the way, followed by the UK, then France and Germany.

Has sold more than 100 million records worldwide?

Taylor Swift has now sold over 100 MILLION album units worldwide. She is the first and only artist to achieve this milestone for someone who debuted this Century.

Who has sold the most records in the 21st Century?

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