What band was Christy Dignam in?

Aslan1993 – 1988
Dignam & Goff
Christy Dignam/Music groups

What disease does Christy Dignam have?

Cancer diagnosis After numerous tests were carried out in March 2013, he was diagnosed with amyloidosis.

What happened Aslan band?

The latter part of 1994 was spent touring in Ireland and recording their album Goodbye Charlie Moonhead, which was released in Ireland at the end of 1994 and charted at number one, going on to be certified Gold weeks later. But by 1995, the band were dropped by their record label BMG.

What age is Christy Dignam?

62 years (May 23, 1960)Christy Dignam / Age

Why was Christy Dignam kicked out of Aslan?

Dignam has grandkids. In the 80’s, just as heroin was tearing Dublin City apart, Christy fell victim to the drug. His use eventually led him to be kicked out of Aslan. Dignam entered many drug rehab programs to try and beat the addiction, including a program in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand.

What age is Billy from Aslan?

The 61-year-old is the oldest contestant in this year’s glitzy RTE One show and he points out he’s paired with the youngest pro dancer, Hannah Kelly, who is aged 19.

Is Christy Dignam a terminal?

Christy Dignam has candidly revealed that he is “absolutely terrified” of dying. The Aslan singer was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer known as amyloidosis back in 2013. The form of cancer is sadly terminal for the Dubliner, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

What age is Christy from Aslan?

What age is Billy out of Aslan?

Billy is 61-years-old, making him the oldest contestant on the show and he is out there to prove that “age is just a number”.

Where does the name Dignam come from?

Irish: see Dignan. English: of uncertain derivation. Perhaps, as Reaney suggests, a habitational name for someone from Dagenham, formerly in Essex, now in Greater London, which gets its name from an Old English personal name Dæcca + genitive -n + ham ‘homestead’.

What band is Billy McGuinness?

AslanBilly McGuinness / Music group (Since 1982)

Where is Aslan band from?

Finglas, Dublin, IrelandAslan / OriginFinglas is a northwestern outer suburb of Dublin, Ireland. It lies close to Junction 5 of the M50 motorway, and the N2 road. Nearby suburbs include Glasnevin and Ballymun; Dublin Airport is seven km to the north. Finglas lies mainly in the postal district of Dublin 11. Wikipedia

Who is the lead singer of Aslan?

Christy Dignam1993 – 1988
Eamo Doyle1988 – 1989
Aslan/Lead singers

Is Dignam an Irish name?

Last name: Dignam This is an Irish surname which derives from the ancient pre 9th century Gaelic O’Duibhgeannain.

What does Dignan mean?

descendant of the dark haired one
Dignan Origin and Meaning The name Dignan is boy’s name meaning “descendant of the dark haired one”. An Irish surname — the Anglicized form of O’Duibhgeannáin — that would make a one-of-a-kind first name, unless you count the character in Wes Anderson’s first film, Bottle Rocket.

How old are Aslan?

Age 2555+
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Creator & Ruler of Narnia

What genre is Aslan?

RockAslan / Genre

What does Dignam mean?

Where does the surname Dignam come from?

This is an Irish surname which derives from the ancient pre 9th century Gaelic O’Duibhgeannain. The translation is ‘the descendant of the sons of the black haired chief’ (or similar), and it is claimed that the clan were the poets and bards to the leading clans of the counties Leitrim, Roscommon, and Longford.

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