What are the symptoms of battered child syndrome?

✹ Symptoms including breathing difficulties, seizures, dilated pupils, lethargy, and unconsciousness. According to all credible studies in the past several years, retinal hemorrhage in infants is, for all practical purposes, conclusive evidence of shaken baby syndrome in the absence of a good explanation.

What does it mean if a child is diagnosed with battered child syndrome?

Discussion: Child abuse is referred to a behavior in which the child is exposed to different physical and/or sexual abuses, neglect or emotional misconduct. The clinical condition of the seriously physically child abused by parents or care givers is called “Battered Child Syndrome” (7, 8).

Can an MRI detect abuse?

Conclusions: MRI is the test of choice to rule out child abuse when faced with a child presenting unexplained neurologic signs lasting for few days. The fact that MRI can better differentiate collections of different ages makes this imaging test particularly useful in identifying cases of child abuse.

Who came up with battered child syndrome?

The term “Battered Child Syndrome,” coined by pediatric radiologist C. Henry Kempe (Kempe et al. 1962), refers to the collection of injuries children sustain as a result of repeated mistreatment or beatings.

What causes SBS?

If a baby is forcefully shaken, their fragile brain moves back and forth inside the skull. This causes bruising, swelling and bleeding. Shaken baby syndrome usually occurs when a parent or caregiver severely shakes a baby or toddler due to frustration or anger — often because the child won’t stop crying.

What is the courts position on battered child syndrome?

In Estelle v. McGuire,I the United States Supreme Court held that a state court’s admission of evidence of prior injuries to an abused child was constitutional under the Due Process Clause of the Four- teenth Amendment, even though those injuries could not be attrib- uted to the defendant.

Can a CT scan show abuse?

The study was presented late last year at the Radiological Society of North America meeting in Chicago, and it suggests that the radiologists who order and interpret X-ray, CT and MRI scans may be an untapped resource in identifying victims of domestic violence because these scans may reveal subtle but telltale signs …

What is bothered wife?

n. Physical or emotional abuse of a household member, especially one’s spouse or domestic partner.

How is SBS prevented?

What can I do to prevent SBS from happening to my child? The most important thing is to make sure that every person who cares for your child knows to never, ever shake a baby. Talk to your family, friends, and babysitters about the dangers of SBS.

What are the things that must be reported by physicians as part of their public duties quizlet?

Reportable diseases in every state:

  • TB, rubeola, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, cholera, poliomyelitis, AIDS and rheumatic fever.
  • Influenza if high incidence in a certain population.
  • STDs (venereal diseases): syphilis, gonorrhea, and genital warts.

What does FTT stand for in medical terms?

Failure to thrive (FTT) is a term that is traditionally used for children who have failed to develop and grow normally. In general practice, FTT is commonly used for any child who fails to gain weight or height according to standard medical growth charts.

What is non accidental trauma?

Non-accidental trauma (NAT) is an injury that is purposefully inflicted upon a child—in other words, child abuse. Often the injury is to the skin and soft tissue, but approximately a third of NATs are fractures.

Can tossing baby cause SBS?

SBS is a form of child abuse that happens when an infant or small child is violently shaken. Shaken injuries are not caused by: Bouncing a baby on your knee. Tossing a baby in the air.

What is most likely to happen if a physician withhold treatment from a patient based on ethnicity?

The patient may not be able to understand the decision to participate in research because of his cognitive decline. What is most likely to happen if a physician withholds treatment from a patient based on ethnicity? The physician is expelled from the AMA and loses her medical license.

Is there a second version of diagnostic imaging in child abuse?

Department of Radiology, Maastricht UMC and Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Emma Children’s Hospital – Amsterdam UMC, the Netherlands. This is the second version of diagnostic imaging in child abuse. Child abuse is a relatively common problem in our society.

Why is awareness of the radiologist important in child abuse cases?

Awareness of the radiologist is essential in finding these CNS, skeletal, and abdominal injuries in order to document child abuse. This to stop further abuse, provide help and intervention for the family, and to protect siblings.

What is metaphysis syndrome in children?

In these children the form of the metaphysis is irregular resembling an old corner fracture. However, vertebral anomalies are also present. This is a rare disease of unknown aetiology. These children have extreme periosteal reactions. This can lead to the erroneous diagnosis of healing fractures.

Which MRI findings are characteristic of spinal cord injury in child abuse?

Spinal cord injury may be difficult to document. These infants may exhibit apnoea or vasomotor collapse similar to spinal shock. Subdural hematomas can also be found along the spine, with a preference for the lumbar spine. MRI child abuse protocols should therefore include imaging of the spine.

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