What are the responsibilities of pizza delivery driver?

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Confirms that client orders are correct.
  • Delivers food items to the customer’s desired location.
  • Returns unpaid customer orders.
  • Receives payment via cash or card.
  • Answers customer queries.
  • Informs customers of current and upcoming promotions.

What should a food delivery driver put on resume?

Stickler for consistent punctuality and courtesy.

  • Class A CDL license with excellent driving record.
  • Complete familiarity with DOT (Department of Transportation) rules and regulations.
  • Ability to deliver a variety of food products punctually and safely.
  • Strong mathematical abilities in addition and subtraction.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a driver?

Keeping the company vehicle clean and properly maintained by performing regular washing, cleaning and vehicle maintenance. Providing accurate time records of the company vehicle’s coming and goings. Reporting any accidents, injuries, and vehicle damage to management.

How do you make pizza delivery sound good on a resume?

Has a City, State driver’s license and insurance, understands the importance of working efficiently, and has strong math and customer service skills.

  1. City, State driver’s license.
  2. Clean driving record.
  3. Insurance and personal vehicle.
  4. Math skills.
  5. Customer service.
  6. Fast learner.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a food delivery?


  • Planning efficient delivery routes.
  • Adjusting routes to meet customer needs.
  • Confirming orders and collecting payment at time of delivery.
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with our establishment.
  • Assisting with kitchen operations.

How do you describe pizza on a resume?

Cooked, baked and garnished all pizzas and bakery items in an effective manner. Examined, stored and dated foodstuffs and rotated them on a regular basis. Prepared and maintained food-production related records, accurately. Ordered and purchased all required food and non-food supplies, in a timely manner.

What to put on a resume if you worked at a pizza place?

12 Pizza Maker Resume Examples

  • Food Service.
  • Pizza HUT.
  • Sanitation Standards.
  • Customer Orders.
  • Company Policies.
  • Food Preparation.
  • POS.
  • Menu Items.

What are duties of a driver?

Common duties and responsibilities for drivers are to:

  • Transport clients and/or packages to and from destinations.
  • Arrive at destinations on schedule.
  • Fulfill administrative needs, like office pickups.
  • Research and plan for traffic, construction and weather delays.
  • Use navigation applications to determine the best route.

What should I put on my resume for a pizza worker?

Based on our most successful resume samples, the ideal candidate should demonstrate the ability to prepare a large variety of pizzas, dexterity, food storage expertise, customer service orientation, and multitasking. Most Pizza Maker resumes highlight a high school diploma and previous cooking experience.

How do you put a pizza driver on your resume?

Summary: Dedicated delivery driver with experience driving to customer locations to transport food, including pizza. Focused on completing deliveries quickly to meet busy daily demand.

What are the job duties of a pizza delivery driver?

– Deliver pizza and other food items to various locations – Load and unload pizzas – Help with food prep as necessary – Follow all food safety standards

Is being a pizza delivery driver a good job?

They are happy to train you if you show a drive for it. Even just being a driver is a flexible but good paying job. Was this review helpful?

What is the job description of a pizza delivery driver?

Making deliveries to customers in a quick and efficient manner

  • Collecting cash payments and making appropriate change
  • Cleaning the store during slow periods
  • Help put away truck deliveries as they arrive
  • Assist with food preparation when needed
  • Is pizza delivery a dangerous job?

    The job is not as dangerous as people think, and technology can help make the work safer. Although pizza delivery is often mentioned as one of the ten most dangerous occupations, no such list exists.

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