What are the examples of adverbial clause?

Examples of Adverb Clauses

  • Jennifer scrubbed the bathtub until her arms ached. (This adverb clause describes how Jennifer scrubbed.)
  • The dogs started chasing my car once they saw it turn the corner.
  • After having my wisdom teeth out, I had a milkshake for dinner because I couldn’t chew anything.

What is adverbial clause of condition with examples?

Adverb clauses of condition are introduced by the subordinating conjunctions if, whether, provided that, so long as and unless. If I like it, I will buy it. If you heat ice, it melts. If it rains, we will stay at home. You may come, if you want to.

Which sentence has an adverbial clause?

Adverb Clause in the Middle of a Sentence My sister, when she is angry, will turn red in the face. Elephants, although they are large, are not predators. Chocolate, because it has a low melting point, can be difficult to bake with. He remembered, after he left the house, that he needed to mail the thank you cards.

What are adverbs 5 examples?


  • He swims well.
  • He ran quickly.
  • She spoke softly.
  • James coughed loudly to attract her attention.
  • He plays the flute beautifully. ( after the direct object)
  • He ate the chocolate cake greedily. ( after the direct object)

What are the 5 types of Adverbials?

To start, there are five types of adverbs you should familiarize yourself with: adverbs of degree, frequency, manner, place, and time.

What is adverbial clause Using If and when?

An adverbial clause usually starts with a subordinating conjunction (e.g., “although,” “because,” “if,” “until,” “when”) An adverbial clause contains a subject and a verb. (This is what makes it a clause as opposed to a phrase.)

What are the types of adverbial clause?

Here are the different types of adverbial clauses:

  • Adverbial clauses of manner.
  • Adverbial clauses of place.
  • Adverbial clauses of condition.
  • Adverbial clauses of reason.
  • Adverbial clauses of time.
  • Adverbial clauses of purpose.
  • Adverbial clauses of comparison (of degree and manner)
  • Adverbial clause of concession.

What are the examples of adjectival clause?

Examples of Adjective Clauses Turned Into Adjective Phrases

  • Adjective Clause – The girl who is leading the parade is my best friend.
  • Adjective Phrase – The girl leading the parade is my best friend.

How many types of sentences are there based on the types of clause explain with example?

There are three basic forms of clause that can be used in a sentence, these include a main/ independent clause, subordinate clause, the adjective clause and the noun clause. While the independent clause could be used by itself as a complete sentence, the subordinate clause could not.

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