What are some new discoveries?

Scientists Release First Analysis of Rocks Plucked from Speeding Asteroid.

  • Wreck of Historic Royal Ship Discovered Off the English Coast.
  • Learning and Remembering Movement.
  • Yellowstone’s History of Hydrothermal Explosions Over the Past 14,000 Years.
  • Scientists Craft Living Human Skin for Robots.
  • What are some amazing discoveries?

    A human jawbone becomes the earliest evidence for humans outside Africa.

  • “Graffiti stone” found to be part of a Crusader-era altar.
  • A truck drove through Peru’s ancient Nazca Lines—and researchers found 50 more of them.
  • A lost interview with a survivor of the last U.S.
  • Archaeologists found the oldest known examples of some of our favorite foods.
  • What are the new discoveries in astronomy?

    Otherworldly discoveries from NASA’s planet hunter,the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite ( TESS)

  • Hubble Space Telescope findings,ranging from gargantuan galaxies to the smallest clumps of dark matter
  • Extreme insights from the Chandra X-ray Observatory on a famous supermassive black hole
  • What is the most recent scientific discovery?

    New Human Relatives.

  • Taking Measure of the Cosmos.
  • The Hottest Years on Record.
  • Editing Genes.
  • Mysteries of Other Worlds Revealed.
  • Fossilized Pigments Reveal the Colors of Dinosaurs.
  • Redefining the Fundamental Unit of Mass.
  • First Ancient Human Genome Sequenced.
  • A Vaccine and New Treatments to Fight Ebola.
  • CERN Detects the Higgs Boson.
  • What are some new discoveries in space?

    Planet in the area of ​​life

  • The planets outside of the solar system The first planets outside the zone of their sun’s gravity were discovered by scientists in 1992. They were relatively small.
  • Dark Flow In 2008,scientists have faced yet another space mystery.
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