What are Shun words?

Words that end in a ‘shun’ sound: -cian, -sion, -tion and –ssion. Physician, fraction, session, politician, percussion, collision, confusion, transfusion, infusion, explosion, corrosion, profession, passion, electrician,mission, possession, magician, optician, fiction, extension, direction and attention.

Is there a spelling rule for tion and Sion?

1) Rule 17: Explanation The ‘shun’ sound at the end of a word is often spelt ‘tion’ and the ‘zhun’ sound is usually spelt ‘sion’. If it ends in ‘shun’, shoot the ti – on!

Is Tian a suffix?

Lots of English words end with the suffixes -ion, -sion and -tian.

When would you use a ssion?

  1. 1. – tion is the most common spelling. It is used if the root word.
  2. 2. – ssion is used if the root word ends in –ss or –mit.
  3. 3. – sion is used if the root word ends in d or se.
  4. 4. – cian is used if the root word ends in c or cs.

What words end in shun?

6-letter words that end in shun

  • fushun.
  • lushun.
  • anshun.
  • yishun.
  • sushun.
  • dushun.

Can Shun be a noun?

The act by which something is shunned; avoidance.

Why does tion say shun?

The reason something pronounced [ʃ] (“sh”) would ever get the spelling “ti” is because of palatalization. Basically, the “io” diphthong contains a palatal consonant [j] (“y” sound), which, in certain cases, pulls the place of articulation of other consonants towards it (e.g. t->ʃ).

Why does beautiCIAN end in Cian?

This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix CIAN which is really an extension of the Suffix AN & NATIVE TO. CIAN means HAVING A CERTAIN SKILL or ART. The beautiCIAN is one who knows how to create beauty.

What Tian means?

tian, (Chinese: “heaven” or “sky”) Wade-Giles romanization t’ien, in indigenous Chinese religion, the supreme power reigning over lesser gods and human beings. The term tian may refer to a deity, to impersonal nature, or to both. Related Topics: heaven Chinese religion.

What is Zi used for in Chinese?

ancient viscounts
Zi (子), a Chinese honorific used for ancient viscounts and for master philosophers.

What does it mean to shun a person?

Definition of shun transitive verb. : to avoid deliberately and especially habitually shuns publicity.

What is a shunned person?

If you purposely stay away from someone, you shun that person. A sensitive baker may ask why you are shunning her cookies. Although the verb shun means to deliberately avoid anything, it has a specific meaning in certain groups and communities.

Is shun a Scrabble word?

SHUN is a valid scrabble word.

How is tion pronounced?

-tion Pronunciation The -tion is pronounced with an ‘sh sound’ /ʃ/ unless the sound preceding the suffix is an /s/. When an /s/ precedes the -tion, the suffix is likely to be pronounced with a ‘ch sound’ /ʧ/.

What words end in CIA?


  • dystocia.
  • estancia.
  • focaccia.
  • gynaecia.
  • gynoecia.
  • valencia.
  • What does Shun mean in English?

    Definition of shun. transitive verb. : to avoid deliberately and especially habitually shuns publicity. Other Words from shun Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about shun. Keep scrolling for more.

    What is the root word of shunned?

    Old English scunian “to shun, avoid; abhor; desist, abstain; to hide, seek safety by concealment,” of uncertain origin; not found in any other language. Perhaps ultimately from PIE root *skeu- “to cover, to hide.”. Related: Shunned; shunning.

    What is a good sentence for Shun?

    Examples of shun in a Sentence He shuns parties and social events. After his divorce he found himself being shunned by many of his former friends. Recent Examples on the Web The tablet, according to Baldwin, became an incentive for inmates to shun violence or else risk their tablet being confiscated.

    How do you spell’Shun’sound?

    The ‘shun’ sound can be spelt in three different ways. Which one you use depends on the last letter or letters of the root word. If the root word ends with ‘c’ or ‘cs’ use the -cian suffix: magic – magician

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