What are examples of a reflex arc?

For example, a simple reflex arc happens if we accidentally touch something hot.

  • Receptor in the skin detects a stimulus (the change in temperature).
  • Sensory neuron sends electrical impulses to a relay neuron, which is located in the spinal cord of the CNS.
  • Motor neuron sends electrical impulses to an effector.

What are the two types of reflex action Explain with examples?

There are two types: autonomic reflex arc (affecting inner organs) and somatic reflex arc (affecting muscles). Autonomic reflexes sometimes involve the spinal cord and some somatic reflexes are mediated more by the brain than the spinal cord.

Which of the following is an example of reflex action?

An involuntary and instantaneous response to a stimulus is defined as a reflex action. The watering of mouth upon seeing good food is an example of a reflex action. This is an action that occurs unconsciously.

What is reflex action and reflex arc explain with the help of an example?

(a) Reflex action is a rapid and automatic response to a stimulus. It is not under the voluntary control of the brain. For example, if we unknowingly touch a hot plate, we immediately move our hand away from it. (b) The path travelled by an impulse during a reflex action is called a reflex arc.

What is reflex action give examples of reflex action class 10?

A reflex action is a spontaneous ,automatic and mechanical response to stimulus or sudden action in response to something in the environment. For Ex:Blinking of eyes, movement of diaphragm, withdrawal of hand or foot every time when a needle or hot object is touched, sneezing, hunger etc.

Which of the following is an example of a simple reflex?

Examples of simple reflexes are the contraction of a muscle in response to stretching, the blink of the eye when the cornea is touched, and salivation at the sight of food. Reflexes of these types are usually involved in maintaining homeostasis.

Which of the following is are examples of somatic reflexes?

Examples: Knee jerk reflex and withdrawal reflex. Involve muscle groups and related joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and fascia; and are referred to as inter-joint reflex movements. Examples: Foot grasp reflex and Babinski reflex.

What is a reflex list examples of body reflexes?

For example, if you put your hand on a hot stove, a reflex causes you to immediately remove your hand before a “Hey, this is hot!” message even gets to your brain. Other protective reflexes are blinking when something flies toward your eyes or raising your arm if a ball is thrown your way.

Which is not an example of a reflex?

An automatic (involuntary) neuromuscular action excited by a defined stimulus is called reflex action. Sweating is not a reflex action. It is primarily a means of temperature regulation. But, Salivation and hand withdrawal because of the needle both are reflex actions.

What is reflex explain with an example?

What is reflex action give examples of reflex action How do involuntary actions and reflex action differ from each other?

Answer: Involuntary action is the set of muscle movement which do not require thinking. But it is controlled by brain for example beating of heart beat. While on the other hand, the reflex action is rapid and spontaneous action in response to any stimulus which doesn’t involve brain.

Is blinking a simple reflex?

Yes. Blinking of the eye is an example of simple reflex.

What stretch reflex examples?

The knee-jerk reflex is a great example of the stretch reflex. When the doctor taps your patellar tendon just below your knee, it stretches your patellar tendon, your quadriceps tendon, and your quadriceps muscles.

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