What apps work with CooSpo heart rate monitor?

CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor,Bluetooth ANT+ Chest Strap Heart Monitor,HRM Dual HR Monitor Sensor Compatible with IP67, Peloton,Zwift,DDP Yoga,Strava,Wahoo Fitness,Polar Beat for iOS & Android.

How do I connect my heart rate monitor to my health app?

Connect Heart Rate Monitor via Apple Health App on iPhone Tap on the HRM name to initiate the connection (“pairing”) and it should appear in the MY DEVICES list. A loading spinner will appear next to it and when the connection is successful the word Connected will appear.

What is the best device to track heart rate?

A quick look at the best heart rate monitor watches

  • Best overall: Fitbit Versa 3.
  • Best for people with heart problems: Garmin Vivosmart 4.
  • Best for runners: Garmin Forerunner 45S.
  • Best for cyclists: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.
  • Best for older adults: Omron Heart Guard.
  • Best for general health: Fitbit Sense.

Is COOSPO any good?

The Coospo heart rate monitor is an excellent choice for those who want an affordable, accurate device that is easy to use. It is also a good choice for those looking for a chest strap at a great price that can be worn on the wrist or attached to clothing.

Is COOSPO compatible with STRAVA?

CoospoRide is a cycling app developed by COOSPO. This app can connect COOSPO brand bike computer and cycling sensor, record cycling data, and synchronize to STRAVA. Get access to the saved riding data and help you to ride scientifically!

Is CooSpo heart rate monitor accurate?

This H6 is one of the most accurate tool to measure your heart rate. The CooSpo’s dual mode technology (Bluetooth/ANT+) works with most smartphones, GPS devices, and APP. One of the best heart rate monitors money can buy.

Does CooSpo work with Garmin?

The CooSpo strap also syncs to Zwift, Peloton hardware, Polar devices, Map My Ride, Wahoo Fitness, Endomondo, UA Run, Garmin devices and more. This chest strap is soft and comfortable, and the battery life is impressive with 300 hours of use.

What apps use CooSpo?

CooSpo heart rate monitors are designed to work with a variety of fitness apps, including Peloton and Zwift. The CooSpo app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, GPS watches gym equipment and uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to connect to the heart rate monitor.

What heart rate monitors work with PM5?

Garmin HRM-Dual Chest Strap Connects by ANT+ or Bluetooth with all PM5 monitors and by ANT+ with most PM4 (serial number >310100000) monitors.

Can heart rate monitor connect to two devices?

Most heart rate monitors can only connect to one app on one phone at a time. For the best results, turn all nearby Bluetooth devices off or on airplane mode, including: Laptops/computers.

Is CooSpo any good?

Is CooSpo Garmin compatible?

Is Bluetooth or ANT+ Better?

Bluetooth Smart Communication Because of Bluetooths communication protocol it can transmit data faster than ANT+, roughly 64x per second, 16x faster than ANT+. When using Bluetooth, once a connection between two devices has been made, no other bluetooth accessories can connect to the same device.

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