Was Paul Walker in an episode of Highway to Heaven?

‘Highway to Heaven’ (1986) The young Walker later pursued acting, and counts the popular NBC drama Highway to Heaven as his first on-screen performance. This clip showcases his second stint on the series – watch as he plays a mentally challenged boy alongside Michael Landon.

What was the very last episode of Highway to Heaven?

“Highway to Heaven” Merry Christmas from Grandpa (TV Episode 1989) – IMDb.

How did Jonathan and Mark meet on Highway to Heaven?

Jonathan Smith, formerly a man who lived on Earth named Arthur Thompson, is now a “probationary” angel sent to Earth to help people in need. In the course of an “assignment,” he meets Mark Gordon, an embittered retired policeman now bouncing from job to job.

Who is the angel in Highway to Heaven?

Michael Landon
The series starred Michael Landon as Jonathan Smith, an angel sent to Earth in order to help people in need.

Was Josh Brolin in an episode of Highway to Heaven?

The episode was a double banger, two hours long. Featured Josh Brolin as the older biological brother.

How old was Paul Walker when he starred in Highway to Heaven?

11 years old
The young boy who plays Rita Travers’ son is none other than Paul Walker in his first screen appearance. He was 11 years old at the time.

Is Jonathan an angel?

After running away for home after the death of her newborn baby brother, Laura Ingalls met him when she ran away from home after feeling guilty and even responsible for her baby brother’s death. As it turned out, Jonathan was actually an angel sent by God to help Laura with her feelings of guilt.

Was Michael Landon left handed?

He was left-handed, and his awkward handwriting (he often hand-wrote scripts) sometimes made it difficult for his secretary to read what he had written). Despite only being given a 3-5 percent chance of survival, Landon announced he was going to beat his pancreatic cancer.

Who is Jane Highway to Heaven?

He died at the age of 30. Actress Dorothy McGuire (Jane Thompson) was born the year before him.

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