Is Warner Records a good label?

WMG’s family of labels—including Atlantic Records, Elektra Music Group, Parlophone, and Warner Records—is among the most prominent and successful in the history of music, encompassing a global roster of acclaimed artists and an unparalleled catalog including many of the world’s most popular and influential recordings.

What artists are under Warner Music Group?

Lee HiBurna BoyEd SheeranColdplayCKayIZA
Warner Music Group/Artists

How do I get permission from WMG?

If you post WMG content on any site other than YouTube, you will need to request a license through us and can do so through clicking “License A Master” at

How much does a sync license cost?

Synchedin offers a huge library of royalty free music, all with the sync license covered. All you need to do is subscribe from just $4.99 per month to access unlimited downloads of the entire library.

What is WMG and UMG?

It is one of the “big three” recording companies and the third-largest in the global music industry, after Universal Music Group (UMG) and Sony Music Entertainment (SME). Formerly part of Time Warner (now Warner Bros.

Who signed Nicki Minaj?

Young Money Entertainm…Cash Money RecordsRepublic RecordsThe 740 ProjectUniversal Motown RecordsLast Kings Records
Nicki Minaj/Record labels

One of its tracks, “I Get Crazy”, reached number 20 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart and number 37 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. After Minaj was discovered by fellow rapper Lil Wayne, she signed a recording contract with his Young Money Entertainment.

How much do artists get paid for sync deals?

For sync placements in traditional media such as commercials, films and television, you earn 60% of the fees we collect on your behalf.

Who gets paid the sync fee?

A license granting permission to synchronize a song with moving images on a screen – generally in television, film, or advertisements. Sync licenses are required from both the recording owner and the composition owner when a song is used, and they are most often paid as a one-time up-front fee.

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