Is Verbatim DVD R Dual Layer?

Yes. DVD R DL discs require double layer writers for recording. Verbatim DVD R DL are approved for high speed burning, up to 6X speed, allowing you to store up to 8.5GB of video in approximately 16 minutes.

Do dual layer DVDs need special burner?

If you have a CD burner that can burn a dual layer CD, then you can burn a dual layer CD. However, burning CDs is a legacy technology. Hardly anyone does that any more, and particularly dual-layer CDs, since there are few industry standards for dual layer discs.

How do I use verbatim to play DVDs?

We recommend using the software which has been provided with your drive.

  1. To install the application software, insert the “Application and Manuals” DVD.
  2. Click on “StartPC.exe” in the main directory of the DVD. The Verbatim start menu opens.
  3. Click on “Software” button.
  4. The installation starts now.

How do I burn a movie to a dual layer DVD?

Follow the below steps to learn how to burn dual layer data DVD with Nero in detail:

  1. Insert the dual-layer DVD into your drive.
  2. Open Nero StartSmart/Nero Express.
  3. Switch to dual-layer.
  4. Check your available space.
  5. Name your disc.
  6. Click Burn to begin burning the disc.

How can I tell if my computer can burn dual layer DVDs?

Normally if you look carefully at all the symbols on the face plate of the drive you will see on the DVD Multi icon. At the bottom of that, you should see a little R DL. That means it will write Dual Layer.

How does a double layer DVD work?

A Dual Layer disc differs from its usual DVD counterpart by employing a second physical layer within the disc itself. The drive with Dual Layer capability accesses the second layer by shining the laser through the first semi-transparent layer.

What is dual layer format DVD?

DVD-R DL (DL stands for Dual Layer), also called DVD-R9, is a derivative of the DVD-R format standard. DVD-R DL discs hold 8.5 GB by utilizing two recordable dye layers, each capable of storing a little less than the 4.7 gigabyte (GB) of a single layer disc, almost doubling the total disc capacity.

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