Is there a new version of P90X?

Creator of the ever-popular P90X workout Tony Horton has developed a new military-style workout to whip you into shape! The upcoming 22 Minute Hard Corps – available March 1 – centers on workouts that are less than half as long as his P90X workouts, but that promise to be just as intense.

Is P90X still part of Beachbody?

The best value for the P90X System is a Beachbody on Demand membership. The membership gives you access to every P90X, P90X2, P90X3, and P90X Bonus workouts!

Is HMB or creatine better?

Whereas HMB is the ideal supplement for preventing muscle mass loss, creatine is arguably the most effective supplement for promoting lean muscle mass, strength, and explosive power.

What happened to Tony Horton from P90X?

P90X Founder Tony Horton Reveals He’s Been Diagnosed With Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. In it, Horton reveals that he was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a complication of shingles. “What started as a perfectly normal day ended up with a trip to the emergency room and a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome ,” he wrote in the post on Wednesday.

Who is coach Tony from P90X®?

After launching the P90X® workout series in 2004, Coach Tony became a household name, and his workout program went on to sell nearly five million copies. Coach Tony has trained many celebrity clients including Usher.

What is the cost of P90X base kit?

P90X ® Base Kit Super Trainer Tony Horton can transform your body in just 90 days. P90X is a revolutionary system that constantly introduces new moves to challenge your muscles and can give you extraordinary results. $119.85 Retail Price

What is included in the P90X calendar?

P90X Calendar Lets you know exactly what to do each day, set your workout goals, track your progress, and stay motivated. 24/7 Online Support Stay inspired with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support.

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