Is Jaguar XF reliable 2012?

Is a used Jaguar XF estate reliable? Unfortunately, the XF didn’t fare so well in our most recent reliability survey. Non-engine electrical issues were the major concern, but there were other problems reported, including issues with the bodywork, engine, fuel system, steering and suspension.

Are Jaguar XF reliable?

Jaguar XF review – Reliability and safety In the 2020 poll, Jaguar again trounced its premium rivals by finishing a solid 12th out of 30 manufacturers, while the pre-facelift XF placed a credible 47th out of 100 cars.

How long will a 2012 Jaguar XF last?

You can expect a Jaguar XF to last between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. These vehicles aren’t known to be high mileage performers, and the consumers who consider them are typically more interested in the luxury of owning the brand and the style of this vehicle.

Are Jaguar XF hard to maintain?

How Frequently Does a Jaguar Xf require maintenance? Overall – the Jaguar Xf has yearly car maintenance costs total to $1,066 . The table below shows a complete ranking of how various cars rank in this overall system as some comparison.

Is Jaguar XF better than BMW?

5 Series provides the mileage of 14.82 kmpl and XF provides the mileage of 14.49 kmpl….5 Series vs XF Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights 5 Series XF
Price ₹ 64.49 Lakh ₹ 71.60 Lakh
Engine Capacity 1998 cc 1997 cc
Power 248 bhp 250 bhp
Transmission Automatic (TC) Automatic (TC)

Are Jaguar car parts expensive?

The average annual repair cost for a Jaguar is $1,123, which means it has average ownership costs. The other factors that contribute to Jaguar reliability include an average of 0.6 visits to a repair shop per year and a 14% probability of a repair being severe.

Which luxury car is most reliable in India?

Top 10 Best Luxury Cars Available in India

  • BMW M5:
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class:
  • Audi Q7:
  • BMW X3:
  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class:
  • Ford Mustang:
  • Jaguar F-Pace 2020:
  • Volvo XC90 2020:
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