Is it OK to let a new tattoo dry out?

Tattoo dry healing is an acceptable part of a tattoo aftercare routine as long as you follow all other aftercare instructions closely. Not taking extra care of your tattoo can lead to scabbing or scarring.

How do you rehydrate a dry tattoo?

The best way to moisturize a tattoo is by doing it in the morning and in the evening. It is also important to apply lotion or ointment after taking a shower, to protect the tattoo from drying out. Note: Make sure to wait between 10 and 20 minutes to apply lotion/ointment onto the tattoo after a shower.

Why does my tattoo look dried out?

You may also notice that your tattoo ink looks a little “dull” after your session. This has nothing to do with the ink itself. Rather, it’s attributed to the dead skin cells that have accumulated on top of your tattoo. Once your skin has completed the natural peeling process, your colors should look fresh again.

What happens if you don’t moisturize a tattoo?

If you don’t moisturize a new tattoo, there are chances it won’t heal properly. Moisturising keeps it safe from infections and allows the quality of the tattoo to be preserved. It’ll also prevent you from itching, which will stop the area from healing.

How long can I go without moisturizing my tattoo?

Do not scratch or peel off the skin after it has healed. It is generally recommended to moisturize for 2 weeks to one month after the tattoo has healed.

What happens to a tattoo if you don’t moisturize it?

Without moisturiser, there’s a risk that healing skin will get very dry, tight and itchy, and itchy skin that you can’t scratch – that in fact you shouldn’t touch at all – is not much fun! If you do itch then you risk damaging the new tattoo.

What happens if you dont moisturise a tattoo?

Can I dry heal my new tattoo?

While advice might vary per artist, we highly advise against dry healing your new tattoo. Those who prefer dry healing are often concerned that lotions and creams will cause reactions in the healing process, and prefer to keep things as natural as possible.

How to take care of your tattoo after getting it removed?

Then, wash your hands, remove the bandage, and gently wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and water. Pat the area dry, then apply a layer of antibacterial ointment or petroleum jelly to it. Let your skin breathe and don’t apply another bandage.

Should I wrap my new tattoo after it’s wet?

Wet healing does include the application of tattoo care products and will usually require a wrap to protect the area, as recommended by your tattoo artist. These products are used to keep the tattoo moisturized and healthy while still allowing the area to breathe.

Why do tattoos have dried scabs?

The dried scab protects the tissue from any outside bacteria or germs getting into the wound. In the case of a new tattoo, it’s not only important to heal the skin properly, but also to preserve the artwork as accurately as possible.

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