Is discriminant analysis logistic regression?

Logistic regression and discriminant analyses are both applied in order to predict the probability of a specific categorical outcome based upon several explanatory variables (predictors). The aim of this work is to evaluate the convergence of these two methods when they are applied in data from the health sciences.

What is the discriminant function used in logistic regression?

DISCRIMINANT FUNCTION ANALYSIS (DFA): Is used to model the value (exclusive group membership) of a either a dichotomous or a nominal dependent variable (outcome) based on its relationship with one or more continuous scaled independent variables (predictors).

How is logistic regression different from discriminant analysis?

While both are appropriate for the development of linear classification models, linear discriminant analysis makes more assumptions about the underlying data. Hence, it is assumed that logistic regression is the more flexible and more robust method in case of violations of these assumptions.

How does LDA relate to logistic regression?

The model of LDA satisfies the assumption of the linear logistic model. where is the Gaussian density function. Moreover, linear logistic regression is solved by maximizing the conditional likelihood of G given X: P r ( G = k | X = x ) ; while LDA maximizes the joint likelihood of G and X: P r ( X = x , G = k ) .

What is the difference between regression analysis and discriminant analysis?

The main difference between these two techniques is that regression analysis deals with a continuous dependent variable, while discriminant analysis must have a discrete dependent variable. The methodology used to complete a discriminant analysis is similar to regression analysis.

Can linear discriminant analysis be used for regression?

Logistic regression is a classification algorithm traditionally limited to only two-class classification problems. If you have more than two classes then Linear Discriminant Analysis is the preferred linear classification technique.

What is the difference between LDA and logistic regression in terms of interpretation of results of model?

LDA works when all the independent/predictor variables are continuous (not categorical) and follow a Normal distribution. Whereas in Logistic Regression this is not the case and categorical variables can be used as independent variables while making predictions.

Is logistic regression robust to outliers?

However, whereas a Y value in linear regression may be arbitrarily large, the maximum fitted distance between a fitted and observed logistic value is bounded. Does that mean that a logistic regression is robust to outliers? Absolutely not.

What is the difference between logistic regression and linear discriminant analysis?

What is discriminant analysis in regression?

Discriminant analysis – determines the relationship between different independent variables and the dependent variable to predict an outcome. The dependent variable is categorical in nature, such as a segment, as opposed to a continuous variable as with linear regression.

Is linear discriminant analysis same as linear regression?

Linear regression and linear discriminant analysis are very different. Linear regression relates a dependent variable to a set of independent predictor variables. The idea is to find a function linear in the parameters that best fits the data. It does not even have to be linear in the covariates.

Why is logistic regression better than linear discriminant?

Why logistic regression is not affected by outliers?

Logistic Regression models are not much impacted due to the presence of outliers because the sigmoid function tapers the outliers. But the presence of extreme outliers may somehow affect the performance of the model and lowering the performance.

Do outliers matter in logistic regression?

In logistic regression, a set of observations whose values deviate from the expected range and produce extremely large residuals and may indicate a sample peculiarity is called outliers. These outliers can unduly influence the results of the analysis and lead to incorrect inferences.

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