Is Comoros worth visiting?

With only 13,000 foreign visitors a year (compared to 300,000 in Madagascar and 2 million in Mauritius and the Seychelles), the Comoros islands is well worth a visit for anyone looking for a peaceful and different adventure, far from the madding crowds.

When should I go to Comoros?

Thanks to its mellow tropical climate, you can visit the Comoros at any time of year, but the best time to go is perhaps April to November, when it’s drier and fresher.

What is the cost of visa for Comoros?

All visitors to Comoros are required to have a visa. Nationals of any country can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 45 days. Based on the government website, visa fees are: 30.00 euros or US$ 50.00 for stays of up to 45 days.

How do you get to Comoros island?

The only International Airport on Comoros is the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport which is located 20km north of the capital Moroni. The airport is tiny, with only one gate, so don’t expect any facilities. In terms of reaching the Island, there are no direct Comoros flights from outside Eastern Africa.

How can I get Comoros visa?

Visitors will need a visa to enter Comoros. You can get a visa on arrival at Hahaya airport or other points of entry for 30 Euros. All visitors traveling or entering Comoros are required to have a visa. Nationals of any country can obtain a visa on arrival or at the consulate for a maximum stay of 45 days.

What are the best places to visit in Comoros?

National Museum of the Comoros 5. Mount Karthala 6. Chissioua Ouénéfou 7. Plage Al Amal 8. Nioumachoua Beach 9. Mosquée du Vendredi 10. Plage de Moya 11. Chindini Beach 12. Sultan’s Palace 13. Mitsoudjé 14. Dziancoundré Waterfall 15. Adore Comores

Where is Comoros located in Africa?

1. Comoros is located in the Mozambique Channel, off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. The country is made up of four islands. Three islands constitute the Union of Comoros, while the fourth, Mayotte, rejected independence and is still under French control.

What languages are spoken in Comoros?

Comorian is the most commonly spoken language, but a different dialect is spoken on each island. Most of the country also speaks Arabic, and a large portion speaks French. All three are official languages of the Union of Comoros, while French is the official language of Mayotte. 4.

Do you need a visa to visit Comoros?

Visas: American travelers to Comoros are required to have a visa and a ticket to leave Comoros. Visas can be obtained at the Comoros mission to the United Nations in New York City. The more common practice, however, is to obtain a 24-hour transit visa when one is entering Comoros.

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