Is Carlube oil good quality?

Carlube oils are high specification oils designed to meet the increasing market demand for high quality but affordable engine oils. Carlube oils cover a wide range of vehicles, from new high performance cars through to older, higher mileage vehicles.

What engine oil do I need Carlube?

Carlube Triple R 5w30 Fully Synthetic is a longlife motor oil suitable for the latest generation of petrol and diesel engines, on fixed and variable service intervals, and requiring a low SAPS/Low ash engine oil.

Which engine oil is best in Dubai?

The Society of Auto Engineering (SAE) issues weight designations for oils. Motorists in the UAE should use oil with grades of SAE 30 and above, including SAE 40 and SAE 50, he said. The higher the weight (indicated by the number), the better it can perform in hot environments.

Who is Carlube?

Carlube is there own oil. They make for Texaco, Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda etc. Carlube is part of the Tetrosyl group which includes Bluecol, Carplan and a few others.

Does my car need specialist oil?

There’s nothing more important than choosing the right engine oil for your car. Your engine is designed to use a specific oil grade and viscosity and a certain type of oil. Most modern cars use a multigrade, semi-synthetic oil, whereas older cars are designed to use mineral oils.

How do you use Carlube diesel injector cleaner?

Directions for Use: Add entire contents (300ml) to a full tank of Diesel. Treats up to 50 Litres. For best results, use every 3 months. Note: Store in an upright position and secure when transported.

Can I use any 5w30 oil in my car?

You should use the car engine oil suggested by the engine manufacturer in your vehicle. However, considering the temperature variations in the Middle East, the 5w30 should be perfect for use in your vehicle.

What is the meaning of oil 5W30?

5w30 motor oil has a winter viscosity grade of five, meaning it’s less viscous (less thick) at very low temperatures compared to, say, 10w30. It has a hot viscosity grade of 30, which means it is less viscous at high temperatures than an oil such as 5w50.

Is all 5w30 oil the same?

In short: Every manufacturer has its own engines with its own specifications. As a result, every engine needs its own specific 5W30 oil. However, some 5W30 oils can be used for multiple brands.

What 5w30 means?

Example 5W30: The W stands for winter, whereby 5W is the low temperature viscosity and 30 is the high temperature viscosity at 100 degrees Celsius. The lower the number before the W, the better the oil will flow at low temperatures.

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