Is Bushwick safe NYC?

Bushwick was once known as an unsafe area. But this has changed over the last few years, with the rate of crimes reported decreasing significantly. In fact, Bushwick was noted to be much safer compared to other popular neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Greenwich Village, and Midtown Manhattan.

Is Bushwick a poor neighborhood?

The neighborhoods median household income in 2008, was approximately $28,802. Of the population, 32% of the households fall under the poverty line. This makes Bushwich the 7th poorest neighborhood in NYC. About 75% of the children are born into poverty in this neighborhood.

Is Bushwick neighborhood safe?

Bushwick is historically one of the more dangerous parts of NYC, and even today we see our share of crime. But the fact is that crime rates in Bushwick are, overall, decreasing, as reported by police. They’ve been on a downward track for the better part of 25 years.

Is Bushwick a rich neighborhood?

Bushwick is now the 90th most expensive neighborhood in the New York metro area, up from the 189th most expensive in 2008.

What kind of neighborhood is Bushwick?

Bushwick is a working-class neighborhood in the northern part of the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

How expensive is Bushwick?

Neighborhoods in Brooklyn are climbing the list of most expensive places to live in the New York metro area at an incredible speed. Bushwick housing in particular rose 84 percent in price compared to 2008, and the median price for an apartment is now $788,700.

Is Bushwick in Williamsburg?

The neighborhood, which sits in the northern portion of the borough, running from Flushing Avenue to Broadway to Conway Street and the Cemetery of the Evergreens, has grown as a natural extension of Williamsburg—a haven for creatives and young folks looking for lower rents.

Is Bushwick in Queens or Brooklyn?

Bushwick is in northern Brooklyn, near Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg. Take the L train to Morgan Avenue to find its burgeoning center.

Where do most celebrities live in Brooklyn?

In recent years, several major celebs from the British Commonwealth have made their homes in the charming Brooklyn enclaves of Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill.

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