Is Amanda and Josh from The Bachelor still together?

Amanda Stanton has had several high-profile splits, but her breakup from Josh Murray hit her the hardest. “It was definitely the hardest, and I feel like it was because he was probably the person I was most excited about and really saw a happy future with,” she told ET’s Lauren Zima on Thursday.

Are Robbie and Amanda still together?

Robby Hayes Stanton found love again with the Rebella founder during her second trip to Paradise months after she and Murray called it quits. “Robby and I are not together,” Stanton confirmed to Us in September 2017 after a brief relationship with Hayes. “I’m not really sure how Robby’s handled the situation.”

What does Amanda say about Josh?

“I knew Josh was kind of controlling. I knew Josh was controlling when we were filming, but the second we got home from the show, he went full throttle.” According to Amanda, Josh tried to control who she spoke to. In fact, he even advised her on what to wear.

Who is Amanda Stanton’s ex husband?

Nick BuonfiglioAmanda Stanton / Ex-spouse

Are Daniel and Lacy still together?

But sometimes, it just doesn’t work out, and unfortunately, that’s the case for Lacey and Daniel. Although they definitely seemed to hit it off while they were still in Mexico, ultimately, they just couldn’t make it work. But why did Lacey and Daniel break up after Bachelor in Paradise?

Who is Amanda dating?

Amanda Stanton is an engaged woman! The Bachelor Nation star, 31, announced her engagement to boyfriend Michael Fogel on Instagram Thursday. Stanton shared a photo of the engaged couple staring lovingly at each other and showing off her new ring after the big moment.

How long did Josh date Amanda?

After six months of dating, Stanton and Murray split.

What does Josh Murray do for a living?

Baseball player
Financial adviser
Josh Murray/Professions

Who is Oren Agman?

Amanda Stanton is no longer single. The “Bachelor” alum debuted a picture with her new man, Oren Agman, on her Instagram on Sunday. “Summer nights,” she captioned the photo of the couple overlooking a sunset while on a boat in Newport Beach, California. According to LinkedIn, Agman, 33, is a New York-based attorney.

What does Amanda Stanton do for a living?

BloggerFilm actorTV Personality
Amanda Stanton/Professions

Are Carly and jade still friends 2020?

Though their friendship is still going strong, the Colorado native admitted that it’s been “almost a year” since they’ve seen each other in person amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Are Marissa and Riley engaged?

Bachelor in Paradise’s Maurissa Gun and Riley Christian have called off their engagement. The couple, who made history on the series by becoming the first black couple to get engaged on the reality TV dating show, announced Monday that they have decided to go their “separate ways.”

What does Amanda Stanton’s fiance do for a living?

Michael Fogel became a popular name following his recent engagement with Amanda Stanton. He is a realtor in Los Angeles and an originator of LMF Commercial, a commercial property mortgage lender.

How old is Michael Fogel?

Michael, 31, was born on March 12, 1990.

Did Josh Murray ever get married?

Josh Murray In 2016, he appeared on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and proposed to Amanda Stanton. However, they later called off their engagement.

What nationality is Josh Murray?

AmericanJosh Murray / Nationality

Is Amanda Stanton married?

Nick BuonfiglioAmanda Stanton / Spouse (m. 2012–2015)

Where is Amanda Stanton?

Now Amanda is engaged to Michael Fogel, a Los-Angeles based realtor she began dating in early 2021. Amanda announced their engagement in December 2021 on Instagram, right before Christmas. Amanda has done so much since her time on The Bachelor season 20.

What does Michael Fogel do?

He has a finance and commercial real estate background and has bounced around a bit since 2016, working at four different real estate companies. Since December of 2020, according to Michael’s LinkedIn, he’s been working as a mortgage originator for a commercial property mortgage lender.

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