How tall is Jimmy Somerville?

5′ 2″Jimmy Somerville / Height

Who originally sang small town boy?

Bronski Beat
Smalltown Boy

“Smalltown Boy”
Label London Records
Songwriter(s) Steve Bronski Jimmy Somerville Larry Steinbachek
Producer(s) Mike Thorne
Bronski Beat singles chronology

What happened to Steve Bronski?

In an interview with The Guardian Samuel said she had visited Bronski the day before the fire, and explained: “Because he had suffered a stroke, it was difficult for him to get up. He died from smoke inhalation”. Samuel also called Bronski’s death a “nightmare” because she’d been at his side for years.

What happened to the members of Bronski Beat?

Foster left Bronski Beat after their second album, and the band used a series of vocalists before dissolving in 1995. Steve Bronski revived the band in 2016, recording new material with 1990s member Ian Donaldson. Steinbachek died later that year; Bronski died in 2021.

Where is Jimmy Somerville from?

Glasgow, United KingdomJimmy Somerville / Place of birth

Who died out of Bronski Beat?

A friend and carer of Steve Bronski, the co-founder of 1980s pop trio Bronski Beat, has revealed that he died in a fire at his flat in central London last week.

Is Jimmy Somerville still performing?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Jimmy Somerville scheduled in 2022.

What happened Steve Bronski?

Steve Bronski, part of the 1980s British synth-pop trio Bronski Beat, whose members were openly gay at a time when that was uncommon and whose early songs unabashedly addressed homophobia and other gay issues, died after a fire on Dec. 7 at his apartment building in the Soho section of London.

Is Steve Bronski still alive?

December 7, 2021Steve Bronski / Date of death

What happened to Jimmy Somerville from Bronski Beat?

After news broke that Steve Bronski of synth-pop trio Bronski Beat had died at the age of 61, the band’s singer Jimmy Somerville was moved to reflect on their time making music together in the Eighties. “He was a talented and a very melodic man,” Somerville tweeted.

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