How much older is Sasuke than Sakura?

Sasuke was also 17 at the end of Naruto Shippuden. He is a few months older than Naruto and younger than Sakura. This means Sasuke was also 19 when Naruto and Hinata got married.

Is Sakura and Sasuke the same age?

The Naruto wikia also lists Sasuke and Sakura as being 12 at the start, which indicates that they’re the same age.

How much older is Sakura?

Who is Sakura Haruno?

editSakura Haruno
Age Part I: 12–13 Part II: 15–17
Height Part I: 148.5 cm1.485 m 4.872 ft 58.465 in –150.1 cm1.501 m 4.925 ft 59.094 in Part II: 161 cm1.61 m 5.282 ft 63.386 in Blank Period: 165 cm1.65 m 5.413 ft 64.961 in

How many years apart are Sasuke and Sakura?

While 12 years apart takes a toll, Sakura and Sasuke should be nowhere near this disjointed as parents. They could at least trade pictures and give each other updates. Other couples in the series, like Shikamaru and Temari, openly discuss training their son with one another throughout the Boruto series.

Who is the oldest in Group 7?

Haha :)) Sakura is the oldest one in Team 7 ♥♥♥ then Sasuke and Naruto ♥ | Naruto shippuden anime, Naruto facts, Naruto funny.

Is Sasuke older than Karin?

According to the data books, Karin and Suigetsu are both approximately the same age as Sasuke in Part II.

How old is Kakashi compared to Sakura?

Naruto Character Age Chart

Characters Birthday Part 1
Sasuke Uchiha July 23rd 12-13
Sakura Haruno March 28th 12-13
Kakashi Hatake September 15th 26-27
Itachi Uchiha June 9th 17-18

Is Sakura older than Sasuke?

No, Sakura is around four months older than Sasuke. Sakura was born March 28th and Sasuke was born July 23rd. If I’m not Mistaken, Sakura is older than both Naruto and Sasuke.

Why does Sakura have to watch Sasuke suffer?

They have to get up and fight through their fears, because like Sakura, Sasuke can be scared too. Again, she has to watch Sasuke suffer and get a reminder that this world has pain she hadn’t been capable of imagining before.

How old is Sasuke compared to Naruto?

Sasuke is just a few months older than Naruto according to the canon. His birthday is July 23rd and Naruto’s birthday is October 10th. We can see the age gap in the Naruto Shippuden series. When Sasuke’s mother met Kushina (Naruto’s mother), she was pregnant with Naruto. Sasuke was just a newborn baby.

Is Sakura the oldest or the youngest member of Team 7?

If Sakura’s birth year is year 12 BSS (before series start) then she would be the oldest. If it is 11 BSS then she’d be the youngest. My guess is that she is indeed the oldest because the first databook specifies that she was 12 in year 12 BSS. The only fact regarding age differences in team 7 is between Naruto and Sasuke.

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