How much is a California van?

Volkswagen’s iconic two-tone camper is back for 2021, with pricing that starts at $82,990 before on-road costs. Volkswagen’s best-equipped compact camper van is back in business.

Is a VW camper worth it?

Is It Worth Buying A VW Camper? In our opinion, yes! Older models become collectors’ items, and they’re a joy to maintain, care for and personalise. It gives you flexibility with exploring, going on holiday and so much more.

How much is a transporter California?

The Volkswagen California 2021 prices range from $69,300 for the basic trim level Wagon California TDI340 California Beach to $99,770 for the top of the range Wagon California TDI450 4Motion California BCH. The Volkswagen California 2021 is available in Diesel.

Is a VW California a good investment?

Yes. The VW California was shown to have the slowest depreciation of all cars and campers currently available for sale in the UK market, retaining (on average) 60.9% of its value after 3 years/60,000 miles.

What is the difference between a VW Transporter and a California?

To the uninformed, a T5/T6 van looks much like a California but there are many subtle differences. Namely air conditioning, noise insulation, ride height, barn rear doors vs. tailgate, gearing, engine power, left side opening sliding door vs right side sliding door, to name but a few.

Does the VW California have a shower?

The pump and motor to power the shower are installed just inside the boot of the VW California Ocean on the left-hand side, below the storage cupboard. Although it’s cold water only, it is a handy option to clean the sand off if you’ve been on the beach, rinse off your bike, or de-mud the dog.

How much is the VW California XXL?

The 2020 Grand California starts around $75,000 USD. With all the additional options and add-ons you’ll be able to quickly rack up a price tag that exceeds $100,000.

Can you drink in an RV in California?

Additionally, if the open container was found in a bus, taxi, limousine, RV or camper, neither the driver nor passenger can be prosecuted under California open container laws. Passengers in these types of vehicles are allowed to drink (provided that they are 21 or over and have no legal alcohol restrictions).

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