How much does it cost to hunt Sitka blacktail deer in Alaska?

Alaska Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting

2021-2022 Alaska Non-Resident Fees.
Annual Hunting License $160
Application Fee (each choice) $5
Application Fee (each choice, bison and muskox) $10

Where can I hunt Sitka blacktail deer?

The smaller Sitka blacktail is native to the islands and coastal rainforests of Southeast Alaska and B.C. Although hunters are limited to four states and one province, tags are generally easy to come by. For adventurous, do-it-yourself hunters, Alaska is the top choice for blacktail deer hunting.

How much does it cost to hunt deer in Alaska?

Hunting Fees 2021:

Item Fee
Hunting License $160
Deer Tags $300 per deer (total of three deer can be taken)
Land Use Fee $150 (only if you hunt on native land)
7-Day Fish License $70

What Animals Can you hunt on Kodiak Island?

Kodiak is world famous for its hunting opportunities. Big game species include the Kodiak brown bear, mountain goat, Roosevelt elk, reindeer, the Sitka black-tail deer, and bison. The Kodiak archipelago encompasses several million acres of remote wilderness, so planning your trip ahead of time is critical.

What caliber do you use to hunt Kodiak bear?

Most experienced hunters consider a . 30-06 rifle with a 180 grain soft-nosed bullet to be the smallest effective caliber for Kodiak brown bears.

How much does it cost to hunt grizzly bear in Alaska?

The grizzly hunts take place in limited and difficult to access areas of Alaska and Canada. No wonder they command premium prices. A grizzly hunt with a reputable and well-equipped outfitter will start at about $12,000 and run all the way to $20,000.

Are there deer on Kodiak Island?

Many areas on eastern Afognak and western Kodiak Islands have high deer populations but are only lightly hunted.

What kind of deer are on Kodiak Island?

Sitka black-tailed deer
The Sitka black-tailed deer is native to the wet coastal rain forests of Southeast Alaska and north-coastal British Columbia. Its range has expanded as a result of transplants, and established populations now exist near Yakutat, in Prince William Sound, and on Kodiak and Afognak Islands.

Can a non-resident hunt in Alaska without a guide?

A nonresident alien must be personally accompanied by an Alaska-licensed guide to hunt ANY big game animal, including black bear, brown/grizzly bear, bison, caribou, Dall sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, muskox, wolf and wolverine.

How much is a moose hunt in Alaska?

Alaska Moose Draw As a basic rule of thumb, expect $7,000-$10,000 per hunter for a self-guided hunt that includes charter plane flights, camp gear, and raft rentals or expect $22,000+ for a fully-outfitted hunt.

Can you hunt Kodiak bears?

To hunt Kodiak brown bears you need a valid Alaska hunting license, a Big Game Tag Record, a brown bear locking tag, and a registration and/or drawing permit for the area you plan to hunt.

What is the best hunt in Alaska?

Sitka blacktails are considered by many to be the best first Alaskan hunt, as they are typically plentiful, easy to deal with after killed, and are some of the most affordable big game to pursue in Alaska.

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