How many wickets will Mustafizur Rahman take?

In fact, he is the only bowler to take a total of 11 wickets in his first two games. In his 3rd ODI against India, he took 2 wickets and made history by taking 13 wickets in a 3-match ODI series….Mustafizur Rahman.

Name Mustafizur Rahman
Born September 06, 1995
Age 26 years 283 days

Who is the best cutter master?

He has taken the most wickets (13) in a debut One Day International (ODI) series. He is the first player to win the ‘Man of the Match’ award on both Test as well as ODI debuts….Mustafizur Rahman.

Personal information
Born 6 September 1995 Satkhira, Bangladesh
Nickname The Fizz, Cutter master
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Batting Left-handed

What type of bowler is Mustafizur Rahman?

left-arm pace bowler
Mustafizur Rahman is a left-arm pace bowler who came to Dhaka to try out for a fast-bowling camp in 2012, after he had impressed in an Under-17 tournament in Satkhira, some 300km from Dhaka.

What is the ranking of Mustafizur Rahman?

ICC Player Rankings for ODI Bowlers

Rank Player Rating
16 Mustafizur Rahman Bangladesh 614
17 Yuzvendra Chahal India 610
18 Lungi Ngidi South Africa 607
19 Mohammad Nabi Afghanistan 603

Who is best bowler in India?

Player Span Wkts
A Kumble 1990-2008 619
R Ashwin 2011-2022 442
N Kapil Dev 1978-1994 434
Harbhajan Singh 1998-2015 417
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