How many pages can PG-245 print?

The PG-245 Black Ink Cartridge from Canon is designed for select Canon PIXMA printers and features smudge-resistant ink. The cartridge yields 180 pages based on ISO standards and features Canon’s FINE (Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology.

What does PG-245 mean on the printer?

Although the packaging conveniently doesn’t list the capacities, here they are: PG-243 holds 5.6ml of ink (about 180 sheets) PG-245 holds 8ml of ink (about 300 sheets) PG-245XL holds 12ml of ink (about 450 sheets) However, the cartridges themselves are all identical on the outside and are interchangeable.

How many pages can 745s cartridge print?

about 100-150 pages
Contains only 12ml in one XL cartridge. Prints about 100-150 pages with save ink enabled and in grayscale.

How many pages will Pg-243 print?

180 pages
Canon PG-243 Original Ink Cartridge – Black – Inkjet – 180 Pages

Item # 6114537
Manufacturer # 4670668
color Black
Maximum Yield Per Unit (Black) 180 pages
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part Number 1287C001

Is 245 the same as 245XL?

Canon PG-245XL ink cartridges are high yield counterparts of the PG-245. A Canon PG-245 is a standard cartridge, the high yield Canon PG-245XL contains more ink and prints more pages than a standard cartridge. Both the 245 and 245XL fit in the same slot in your Canon printer and should install the same way.

How much ml ink is in a 745s cartridge?

Canon PG-745 S Fine Cartridge Black (5.6 ml)

How many pages will a Canon ink cartridge print?

According to PCMag, a standard ink cartridge will print an average of 220 pages, (with 11 ml of ink). A high capacity cartridge prints an average of 350 pages, (its tank holds 16 ml of ink).

How many prints do you get out of Canon cartridges?

Are PG-245 and PG-245XL interchangeable?

This compatible PG-245XL ink cartridge can also be used to replace standard PG-245 and PG-243 Pigment Black Ink Cartridges.

How many pages can a Canon 244 cartridge print?

This cartridge contains smudge-resistant dye-based ink formulation, which enables you to produce a total yield of 180 pages with beautiful colors.

How long does a HP ink cartridge last?

How to find HP ink expiration date? In general, HP ink cartridges have two dates listed. The “date of manufacture” and the “warranty end” date, which is two years after the date of manufacture. HP ink cartridge expiration date location: This HP ink cartridge has the expiration date stamped on the cartridge itself.

How many pages a cartridge can print?


HP 21 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge 190 standard pages (with HP 22 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridge)
HP 22 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridge 165 standard pages (with HP 21 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge)

What is the pg-245 ink cartridge?

Experience crisp, smudge-resistant professional quality prints with the PG-245 Pigment Black Ink Cartridge. Designed with FINE (Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology, your prints will get added sharpness, detail and quality.

What is *page yield?

*Page yield is the estimated value based on Canon individual test method using the ISO/IEC 24712 chart and continuous printing simulation with the replacement ink bottles after initial setup. *Page yield of color inks is an average yield of cyan, magenta and yellow inks combined.

How much is a 5 pack of pg-245xl black?

Amazon has them for 1 x PG-245XL Black = $25.99, 2 Pack = $139.99, 3 Pack = $198.99, 4 Pack = $257.99, 5 Pack = $315.99. Anyone else see a problem with Amazon’s math?

What is page yield of color inks?

*Page yield of color inks is an average yield of cyan, magenta and yellow inks combined. Page yield varies significantly depending on content printed and other factors. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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