How do you use toil?

Toil in a Sentence 🔉

  1. You should hire Justin because he is a hard worker who will toil until the job is done.
  2. Day after day, the slaves had to toil in the hot fields without payment.
  3. The actress had to toil for many years before becoming a Hollywood star.

What is toil synonym?

Some common synonyms of toil are drudgery, grind, labor, travail, and work. While all these words mean “activity involving effort or exertion,” toil implies prolonged and fatiguing labor.

How do you say toil in a sentence?

Toil sentence example. They frequently beguile their toil with carols. You have profited by their toil to lead a profligate life. A simple and independent mind does not toil at the bidding of any prince.

When should TOIL be taken?

TOIL should be taken as soon as practicably possible after it has been accrued. If this is not possible it must be taken within 6 months of accrual. 2 TOIL accrued and not redeemed as outlined will be considered lost and no monetary compensation will be offered. TOIL not taken within 6 months of accrual will be lost.

Can TOIL be paid out?

Most Modern Awards also stipulate that should an employees employment end before they have taken the agreed TOIL, it must be paid out at the applicable overtime rate.

What does the word toil meaning in English?

to work hard and long
toiled; toiling; toils. Definition of toil (Entry 2 of 3) intransitive verb. 1 : to work hard and long. 2 : to proceed with laborious effort : plod.

Is TOIL paid leave?

Time off in lieu, otherwise known as TOIL, is when an employer offers time off to workers who have gone above and beyond their contracted hours. Essentially, it serves as an alternative to pay, meaning that any overtime hours worked by an employee can be taken as part of their annual leave.

Do u get paid TOIL?

Strictly speaking, employees are not paid for TOIL. Rather, if an employee works overtime you decide whether to pay them for that, or whether to give them Time Off In Lieu instead.

What moil means?

to work hard : drudge
1 : to work hard : drudge. 2 : to be in continuous agitation : churn, swirl. moil.

How do you use toil and moil in a sentence?

He had toiled and moiled, day and night, and been faithful to his trust. Or were work and the hunt for food just toil and moil? You toil and moil. How could she expect to bring him up in such poor, narrow circumstances, and with all this toiling and moiling?

Do you get TOIL paid out?

Does time off in lieu get paid out / do you get paid for time off in lieu? If your employee’s employment comes to an end, the TOIL or overtime must be paid out to your employee.

Do I get paid for TOIL?

Strictly speaking, employees are not paid for TOIL. Rather, if an employee works overtime you decide whether to pay them for that, or whether to give them Time Off In Lieu instead. It is not a legal requirement for employees to be paid for working overtime.

Is TOIL the same as annual leave?

Is Boist a real word?

Boist definition (obsolete) A box.

Who is a boisterous person?

Someone who is boisterous is noisy, lively, and full of energy. a boisterous but good-natured crowd. Synonyms: unruly, wild, disorderly, loud More Synonyms of boisterous.

Is it work as toil?

Although toil means “work” (in both its noun and verb forms), it usually has the added meaning of hard work, especially physical labor. If you’d lived during the Great Depression, you might have toiled on roadwork and conservation projects.

Does toil mean to work hard?

toil verb [I] (WORK HARD) to work hard: Farm workers have been toiling in the 100-degree heat over the past week.

What is TOIL on a payslip?

Time off in lieu (also known unfortunately as TOIL) is where you agree to give an employee paid time off in lieu of extra hours they have worked (overtime) instead of extra pay.

Is TOIL legal?

What is another word for toil away?

What is another word for toil away? toil away. Contexts. Work hard. To persist or continue, as with an effort. Verb. ▲. Work hard. burn the midnight oil.

What is the meaning of toil?

noun (2) Definition of toil (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : a net to trap game. 2 : something by which one is held fast or inextricably involved : snare, trap —usually used in plural caught in the toils of the law.

What happens if toil isn’t managed correctly?

If TOIL isn’t managed correctly, it could lead to chaos towards the end of the year when everyone wants to use up the extra leave they’ve accrued.

What is toil (time off in lieu of overtime)?

Time Off In Lieu of Overtime (TOIL) is the name of this, and it’s most common in businesses that have flexible working arrangements, variable workloads, or processes that require a certain number of people to be present at a time.

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