How do you thicken lamb korma?

Use a slurry. Mix cornstarch, tapioca starch, or arrowroot with cold water or a cup of liquid from the curry sauce to make a slurry. Add this at the end of the cooking process—the sauce should thicken as soon as it returns to a boil.

Can I put coconut milk in pressure cooker?

If you’re wondering how to cook with coconut milk in a pressure cooker, try one of these two tricks. Use half the coconut milk to cook, and add the other half after cooking. In this case, you will need to stir the bejeebers out of it after it’s cooked, to re-homogenize the milk again.

How do you keep lamb tender in curry?

Marinate is a crucial step to tenderize the lamb. I add some yogurt to marinate the lamb for two reasons. First, it adds a delicious tangy flavor but, more importantly, tenderizes the lamb. Yogurt tenderizes the meat by two actions.

How do you make lamb soft and tender?

Slow cooking in liquid transforms tougher cuts of lamb into fork-tender meat. Neck, shoulder and belly, either diced or as whole joints, are the best cuts for slow cooking and need to be cooked for at least 2 hrs at 150C to soften the meat.

What is Lamb Korma and how to make it?

In essence, lamb korma is a type of lamb Indian curry. However, when most people think of lamb curry, they think of a rich curry. On the whole, such dishes have a vibrant orange or red colour. In addition, people also have the tendency to think about lamb curries being quite heavily spiced with a lot of chilli peppers.

Can you use coconut milk in korma curry?

Coconut Milk: Korma curry base can be made with either coconut milk, yogurt, heavy whipping cream or a cashew paste. My family loves the taste of a coconut milk based sauce, so that’s what I end up making most of the time. Using coconut milk also makes this dish dairy-free.

How long to cook lamb tenderloin with coconut milk?

Add lamb, coconut milk and water (with an additional 1 cup). Reduce heat to medium, cover and cook for about 40-45 minutes, or until the meat is tender. Note: Keep stirring every 10 minutes to prevent the sauce from sticking at the bottom.

What makes a good mutton korma recipe?

Good quality lamb meat or mutton, whole spices, garam masala and ghee are the key contributors to a flavorful mutton korma. It is the quality of the meat that matters the most so buy fresh cut lamb or at least cut on the same day. Patience is the next big thing needed for a good mutton recipe. Always make sure and cook it on a low to medium flame.

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