How do you set the Ranco electronic temperature control?

How to Set a Ranco Thermostat

  1. Locate the LCD window and the keypad on your Ranco ETC thermostat.
  2. Press the “Set” key on the keypad to begin programming the thermostat.
  3. Press the “Set” key a second time to access the set-point menu.
  4. Press the “Set” key a third time to access the thermostat’s differential menu.

What does E2 mean on a Ranco electronic temperature control?

E2- Appears if the control settings are not properly stored in memory. To correct: Check all settings and correct if necessary. EP- Appears when the probe is open, shorted or sensing a temperature that is out of range. To correct: Check to see if the sensed temperature is out of range.

What is Ranco thermostat?

The Ranco ETC is a microprocessor based temperature controller suitable for switching 120Volts at up to 16Amps for heating or cooling applications making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

What does E1 mean on Ranco?

The Ranco controller error messages are: E1- Appears when either the up or down key is pressed when not in the programming mode. To correct: If the E1 message appears even when no keys are being pressed, replace the controller.

Who makes Ranco?

Dragon Products
Building Trailers For 30 Years Made right here in the USA, Ranco trailers are manufactured in Lamar, Colorado by Dragon Products. Previously made by Ranch Manufacturing, Ranco trailers have been the leaders in Light Weight End Dumps and Bottom Dump trailers for over 30 years.

Who owns Ranco?

Ranco Inc., a maker of automatic control devices, said it had agreed to be acquired by the British concern Siebe P.L.C. for about $148 million, or $40 a share.

What is electronic temperature control?

An electronic control can use a thermostat placed in the evaporator coils or the cabinet, and some have one in both. These thermostats hold the internal temperature within 2 to 3 degrees of the set mark.

Where are Ranco Trailers manufactured?

Lamar, Colorado
Made right here in the USA, Ranco trailers are manufactured in Lamar, Colorado by Dragon Products.

Who is Ranco?

A second generation family company Fast forward more than 30 years and a generation, and Ranco is now owned by Simon Nunn and Chris Ransom. The daughter of Ranco’s founder Floyd Ransom, Chris runs the marketing and operations side of the business.

Who invented the side dump trailer?

As SmithCo developed the side dump concept, designing and building different trailers, it quickly became apparent that this concept could work for many industries. Side dumps now work in agriculture, waste, mining, demolition, construction, and aggregate hauling.

How do I reset my temp control?

A common way to reset almost any thermostat is to hold down the reset button for 5+ seconds. Alternatively, try resetting battery-powered thermostats by flipping the battery directions around for 5s, then flip them back. If all else fails, switch off the power at the circuit breaker for a couple minutes.

Why does it say do not push on the back of dump trucks?

The bed of a dump truck is only secured by two hinges and a Hydraulic hoist. It is not designed to be pushed by a wheel loader bulldozer or other piece of equipment in the event it becomes stuck.

What is normal temp for adults?

Normal body temperature ranges from 97.5°F to 98.9°F (36.4°C to 37.2°C). It tends to be lower in the morning and higher in the evening. Most healthcare providers consider a fever to be 100.4°F (38°C) or higher.

Why do trucks say do not follow?

The department’s policy says the orange-and-black signs “may be used on the back of a construction vehicle to discourage motorists from following it out of the travel lane into a work area.”

Why do dump trucks say do not push?

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