How do you respond to risk it for the biscuit?

Phrases Opposite to Risk It for the Biscuit There’s no point in making an effort. Let’s forget about it.

What does the phrase risk it for the biscuit mean?

(colloquial, humorous) To take a risk for the chance of some benefit or reward.

Who says you gotta risk it to get the biscuit?

Casey Hester on Texas Flip and Move. Casey Hester. When people hear his name the first though that comes to mind is Casey saying, “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.” Later season intros of Texas Flip and Move show him saying it.

Where does the phrase takes the biscuit come from?

It derives from a disparaging reference to the Roman Catholic sacrament formally called extreme unction, part of which is holy communion. If you take the wafer — contemptuously the biscuit — you are nearing the end of your life.

Can’t a man have a biscuit?

During WWII, he was asked if one could be spared to serve in the war, to which he replied, “Oh damn it, can’t a man have a biscuit?!” Correction: It was actually Lord Chandos, not the Duke of Devonshire who made the remark.

What does it mean to risk it all for someone?

When a person says he is “willing to risk everything”, it probably means that he or she is ready to lose or compromise whatever is needed just to pursue the lover.

Why is a biscuit called a biscuit?

The term biscuit comes to English from the French biscuit (bis-qui), which itself has a Latin root: panis biscotus refers to bread twice-cooked. The Romans certainly had a form of biscuit, what we’d now call a rusk and, as the name suggests, it was essentially bread which was re-baked to make it crisp.

Do digestives make you poop?

The first-ever digestives were developed as Meikle said, in 1839 by two Scottish doctors and they were reportedly intended to aid digestion. But can the biscuits really help you poop? It’s unlikely, according to a registered dietician.

Why is love a risk?

To love is to risk change, rejection, losing pieces of ourselves, abandonment, and more. Therefore, love requires the courage to risk loss (courage is the ability to take action even when experiencing fear). When you avoid the risks of love, you diminish yourself, and this diminishes your growth.

Should you risk for love?

Love is all about taking risks. There are many opinions whether taking risks for love is a good or terrible idea, but in the end that doesn’t even matter, we take risks anyway. Fear is the most powerful weapon on earth. Fear to be hurt, to be ridiculed, to make mistakes, to fail and not reach our goal.

Do they say cookie in Australia?

In Australia, “biscuits” are what Americans call “cookies,” and these traditional treats date back to World War I.

How do you say biscuit in Australia?

In this case, bikkie (the colloquial Australian word for a cookie), is clipped slang for biscuit (the British English word for a type of cookie), and it uses the -ie diminutive suffix. Australian English is full of words based on this formula.

Why do British say biscuit?

The word biscuit got to England via the French, who had, as mentioned above, gotten it from the Romans. When the word came into the French language it is hard to say. However, the word did not really come to America, via England, until around the middle of the 19th century.

Does digestive biscuit make you poop?

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