How do you escape purifico?

Go back and step on the teleportation glyph when the arrow is pointed east (straight towards the camera) to find yourself back at the T-intersection. Go east from here back to the second Save Sphere and finally north to exit the Via Purifico.

How do I get through bevelle cloister of trials?

Bevelle Temple Cloister of Trials

  1. At the first intersection, go right.
  2. Take the Bevelle Sphere here and insert it into the pedestal.
  3. Push the pedestal and ride it back up to the previous area.
  4. Here, ignore the 1st intersection and go right at the 2nd.
  5. Take 1 sphere from the pedestal and insert it into the slot here.

How do I get bahamut FFX?

Bahamut is obtained after completing the Cloister of Trials in Bevelle Temple.

How do I get into Baaj Temple?

To access Baaj Temple, the player must acquire the Fahrenheit and talk to Cid and access the coordinate option. Baaj is found by searching for coordinates X=11-16, Y=57-63. Visiting Baaj is needed to recruit the aeon Anima. Baaj is inaccessible in Final Fantasy X-2.

How much HP does Evrae have?

Evrae Basic Information

Name Evrae
HP(Overkill) 32000 MP
AP(Overkill) 5400(8100) Gil
Drop (7/8) Blk Magic Sphere 1 (2) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Water Gem 1 Steal (1/4)

Can you go back into the Cloister of Trials?

You can, but it will take you a while to reach the point in which you are free to do so. Once you have the airship, you have to finish an event at Highbridge. Talk to Maester Mika. The exception to this rule is the Bevelle Temple cloister of trials.

What can you steal from Evrae?

Evrae Basic Information

Name Evrae
steal (3/4) Water Gem 1 Steal (1/4)
Petrify Gaze Photon Spray
Poison Breath Swooping Scythe

Can you enter Bevelle Temple?

Nope, there is no way to get back into Bevelle temple. But there really isn’t any need either. If you need the last item in order to get Anime, go to the temple in Zanarkand. There will be a new puzzle to complete in the coister of trials once you revisit there.

How do you get to the Via Purifico in Bevelle?

One can only access the Via Purifico on the first visit. If the player decides to return to Bevelle with the airship, they’re taken to the Highbridge, and the palace entrance is guarded by Maroda, who won’t allow the party to enter the city. Bevelle Underground.

What is Bevelle?

Bevelle was a technological wonder one thousand years ago, surpassing even the city-state of Zanarkand ‘s glories. The escalating hostilities between the city-states culminated in war, and Bevelle held the advantage with its machina weapons.

Where can I find the Bevelle underground?

The Bevelle Underground is located beneath the temple complex, but its official entry point is unknown. The Gullwings find their way in through a gaping hole in the Chamber of the Fayth. The hidden complex is an ancient and expansive armory from the days of Bevelle’s war with Zanarkand but is littered with Yevon’s insignia nonetheless.

Where can I find (L) Lulu in the Via Purifico?

Go east in this room to find (L) Lulu and a treasure chest that contains a (2) Wht Magic Sphere. Make good use of Lulu’s Thunder-based magic as those spells are extremely effective against fiends in the Via Purifico. Go south from here into the next large room where you will find a treasure chest with an (3) Elixir and a glyph on the wall.

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