How do USTA sectionals work?

Sectionals are organized with the same round robin and match format as District Championships. The winners of Sectional Championships advance to a National Championship held in the fall and for the following leagues: Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over, Adult 55 & Over, as well as Mixed 18 & Over and Mixed 40 & Over.

What is a sectional championship?

The Sectional Championship Tournaments (SCTs) are the sole means by which collegiate teams qualify for the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. Sectional Championship Tournaments are held in early February throughout the United States, Canada, and (in some years) Britain.

What is the USTA Championship?

Each USTA League season culminates with the annual USTA League National Championships, where representatives from all 17 sections compete in 16 League national championship events. The events range from 2.5 to 5.0 on the NTRP scale and feature play in the 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over and Mixed divisions.

Can you play on multiple USTA teams?

The forfeit principles outlined in the USTA League Regulations are applicable with no modifications. Player Participation: A player may play on only one team per level but can play in two levels as long as it is only one level apart.

How many sections are there in USTA?

17 individual
The USTA is made up of 17 individual sections, each representing distinct geographic locations throughout the U.S. and all working to support players and promote the growth of the game across the country. In turn, the 17 sections are each comprised of individual districts.

How many members does USTA have?

The USTA is the largest tennis organization in the world, with 17 geographical sections, more than 680,000 individual members and more than 7,000 organization members, thousands of volunteers and a professional staff dedicated to growing the game.

What are the different levels of USTA tournaments?

There are four age divisions: 12, 14, 16 & 18 and under. You may play in your age division up until the last day of the month before you “age out”. For example, if you are 12 years old & are going to turn 13 in May, you may play in the 12-and-under division until the last day in April.

What are USTA tournaments?

USTA Tournaments provide a showcase for players in every division and at every age level in singles, doubles, and team formats. USTA Southern California sanctions approximately 200 adult tournaments each year that include both traditional and innovative formats.

Does combo affect USTA rating?

USTA Combo League – Combo doesn’t count towards your NTRP rating, but you still want to win! Many of the USTA sections run Combo Leagues as a secondary league when the standard 18 & over and 40 & over leagues are not being played.

Does Tri Level count in USTA ratings?

Tri-Level League is a USTA format designed to provide a unique team league opportunity to members by combining players of different NTRP levels on the same team. Tri-Level League is not regulated by USTA National League Regulations.

What is a Level 5 Open tennis?

LEVEL 5 TOURNAMENTS (OPEN) This type of tournament is for players who have experience in regular junior tournament competition but lacking National junior tournament experience.

Who owns the USTA?

United States Tennis Association

President Michael J. McNulty III
CEO Michael Dowse
Secretary Gregory Metz
Official website

What are Futures Championships?

The Futures Championships are designed as an intermediate step between Sectional Championships and Junior National or National Championships, and are open to swimmers of all ages. Similar to last year, each site is capped at 800 swimmers.

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