How do I reset my Bluetooth speaker to factory settings?

With most Bluetooth speakers, you should only have to do so for a few seconds. For just about every Bluetooth speaker out there, pressing and holding the power button and Bluetooth button simultaneously will force the speaker to reset.

Can a Bluetooth speaker be reset?

First, remove all the paired devices from the speaker. Then, press and hold the Bluetooth button and the power button simultaneously for more than three seconds to reset the speaker to factory settings.

How do I connect my jam2 speaker to my iPhone?

It worked for me:

  1. Turn on speaker.
  2. Press reset button.
  3. Turn on again.
  4. Press simultaneously the “PLAY” and the “+” buttons, until the blue light blinks faster (2-3 timer per second).
  5. At this moment, the speaker should show up on your tablet/phone pairing list.
  6. Pair the speaker. And you’re set to go!”

How do you reset a stuck Jam speaker?

To reset your speaker press and hold play/pause for 5 seconds or so until you hear a sound or the red light flashing. Note: Restoring the speaker’s factory defaults erases all paired Bluetooth devices from the speaker’s memory.

Why is my jam speaker not working?

If you’re still having problems connecting your speaker, first try resetting it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reset your WPS connection on your wireless router. Press the WPS Button on your wireless router. Then, within two minutes, press the WiFi button on the back of the JAM WiFi Speaker.

How do I pair my jam2 Bluetooth speaker?

Pair your device with the unit by selecting HMDX Jam from your Bluetooth listings on your device or selecting YES. If prompted, enter “0000” as the passcode. 5. Press play on your device and use controls on the unit to adjust desired volume.

Is there a user manual for the Jam Classic Bluetooth speaker?

User manual for the jam Classic 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker contain basic instructions that need to be followed during installation and operation. Before starting your appliance, the user manual should be read through carefully. Follow all the safety instructions and warnings, and be guided by the given recommendations.

How do I connect my jam WiFi speaker to my phone?

Press the WPS Button on your wireless router. Within two minutes, press the WiFi button on the back of your JAM WiFi Speaker. Once the speaker connects, it will say, “WiFi Connected.” Connect your mobile device to your Wifi Speaker through the aux-in at the back of the speaker.

How do I Reset my portronics Bluetooth speaker?

To reset Portronics Bluetooth speaker turn on the device There is a flap on the back of the speaker that covers ports and reset button. Press the reset button with the help of a pin and the speaker will turn off On pressing the power button, the speaker will make a sound of ‘Bluetooth mode,’ and the speaker is ready to be paired.

How to reset beats Bluetooth speaker?

The procedure for resetting beats Bluetooth speaker is a little different from most other speakers; Beats has a B button on its top. To reset this device, press and hold the power button along with the B button for 10 seconds. Once you do this, you will see the LED light on the back flash, green and red. It means the device has been reset.

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