How do I print something at Oxford Brookes?

Send your print to the ‘BrookesPrintAnywhere’ option in your device’s print settings and pick up at any of the MFDs around the University. Mac laptops need to install a Chrome browser and you will need your staff/student card when picking up your print.

Is Oxford Brookes University prestigious?

For four consecutive years, Oxford Brookes has been the UK’s top university in the QS Top 50 Under 50 World University Rankings – it remains the only UK institution to make the list. Oxford Brookes was ranked in the top 50 universities in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2021, climbing eight places.

What is special about Oxford Brookes?

Oxford Brookes is a leading modern British university, known for its strengths in teaching, innovative approaches to learning, and its focus on employability. We are ranked 6th in the UK for teaching (Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2022), and among the world elite in 16 individual subjects (QS, 2022).

Is Oxford Brookes University connected to Oxford university?

Oxford Brookes University (formerly known as Oxford Polytechnic) is a public university in Oxford, England. It is a new university, having received university status through the Further and Higher Education Act 1992….Oxford Brookes University.

Type Public

Is Oxford Brookes University Russell Group?

Alliance Group – The University Alliance brings together over 20 British universities and university colleges that are outside of the Russell Group. They include Coventry University, Liverpool John Moores University and Oxford Brookes University.

Can Oxford Brookes students use Oxford University Library?

Visiting the Library Members of the public, University students and sixth form pupils are welcome to use Oxford Brookes Library for reference and study purposes.

What grades do you need to get into Oxford Brookes?

GCSE grade C / grade 4 equivalent: All India Secondary School Examination (A1-C1) Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (Class-X) (grade 1-4 / 60-100%)

Do employers care about Russell Group?

The Russell Group is essentially a club of 24 UK universities that are very well respected for their research. Employers are typically keen to take on graduates from these universities.

Can Oxford Brookes students use the Bodleian?

Oxford Brookes staff and students Staff and students in the Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences can become non-borrowing members of the Bodleian Health Care Libraries.

Is it easy to get admission in Oxford Brookes University?

The university has a total population of about 16,600 students out of which 17% of students are international students. International applicants seeking admission at Oxford Brookes University are required to have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 along with an academic score of minimum of 60%.

Does Oxford Brookes give unconditional offers?

When you have met all the conditions of your offer you will receive an unconditional offer and your place at Oxford Brookes University is guaranteed.

Does it make a difference if you go to a Russell Group university?

Due to both their influence and performance, Russell Group universities receive approximately 75% of university research grant money in the UK. On top of that, as of 2017, Russell Group graduates held around 60% of all jobs that require a degree. They also award 60% of the UK’s doctorates.

Can anyone join the Bodleian Library?

Library access can be provided to any individual upon establishing a research need and presenting the required forms of identity. Applicants must normally be over 18 years of age at the time they are applying in order to be considered for a Bodleian Reader card.

Can anyone get into the Bodleian Library?

The Bodleian Library and the Weston Library across the road are open to visitors daily. The two sites together offer tours (booking recommended), free exhibitions, events, a café, shops and more. Open: All year round.

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