How do I complain about international court?

Contact the Court

  1. Information Department. [email protected].
  2. Library of the Court. [email protected].
  3. Procurement. [email protected].
  4. Employment and internship possibilities. [email protected].

What are the three international tribunals?

International tribunals

  • International and domestic law. The first international tribunals were set up in the 1990s to investigate crimes committed by military personnel, politicians and civilians during armed conflict.
  • Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
  • The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)

Where is the international tribunal located?

The Hague, Netherlands
The International Criminal Court (ICC or ICCt) is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal seated in The Hague, Netherlands.

How do I contact ICC?

Rather speak to us by phone? Give us a call at 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233), option 0.

Is ICJ a tribunal?

These range from the ICJ, which is a principal organ of the organization; to the ad hoc criminal tribunals established by the Security Council; to the ICC and ITLOS, which were established by conventions drafted within the UN but which are now independent entities with special cooperation agreements.

How do I file a case with ICC?

There are three ways to submit information about alleged crimes to the OTP:

  1. By post to: International Criminal Court. Office of the Prosecutor.
  2. By email to: [email protected].
  3. By fax to: +31 70 515 8555. Get weekly global justice news and civil society views – temporarily unavailable. Language *

How do I send an email to ICC?

To contact us, please email [email protected].

Where is ICC main office?

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesInternational Cricket Council / Headquarters

Why tribunals are formed?

The Tribunals were set up to reduce the workload of courts, to expedite decisions and to provide a forum which would be manned by lawyers and experts in the areas falling under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. The tribunals perform an important and specialised role in justice mechanism.

What is the difference between tribunal and Court?

Since a tribunal is concerned with only the matters related to a specific department, it makes its jurisdiction limited. On the other hand, a court has matters coming from all the areas involving disputes related to civil, criminal, family, corporate and business matters.

How many people have ICC sentences?

Of the thousands of situations and potential cases that could have been investigated by the ICC and come to trial, only 44 people have been indicted, with 45 cases before the ICC. Further, only 14 out of the 45 have resulted in a complete proceeding, and only nine were convicted.

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