How do I avail installment in SM appliance?

GET UP TO Pay up to 12 months installment when you use any of the participating credit cards at The SM Store with a P5,000 minimum single-receipt purchase. *Standard interest rates apply. Available for in-store and The SM Store Personal Shopper (Call to Deliver) card-present transactions.

Can I exchange item in SM Appliance?

Return and exchange of item due to manufacturing defect must be supported by proof of purchase. Please contact us through our Customer Support Page and a Customer Service Representative will contact you or you may visit the nearest SM Appliance branch for proper assessment of the item.

How many years is Astron Philippines?

In 2008, Tomas along with his 9 children decided to establish Astron, a home appliance brand of their own that was affordable AND dependable… something they would have liked to have growing up in a humble home. Currently, Astron continues to serve Filipinos under the leadership of Tomas’ sons and their children.

Who is the owner of Astron appliances?

Where is Astron brand from?

The headquarters of Astron is located in Diekirch (Luxembourg). In 2020, sales of around 90 million euros was generated.

Can I pay installment with debit card Shopee?

Debit cards are not eligible for payment by instalments. You can only use the Credit Card Instalment payment option when you’re checking out products from 1 seller.

Can debit card used for installment?

However, debit cards cannot be used for installments since it is a direct debit from the connected bank account. To collect a fixed amount from a customer’s debit card, we would recommend a functionality called “Recurring Payments”.

Which app gives credit limit?

LazyPay App LazyPay is one of the most popular buy now pay later app options in India. With a paperless KYC process, it provides a quick credit line.

Which is best pay later?

Top 7 Pay Later Apps In India [With Review & Ratings]

  1. Lazy Pay. It’s a pretty damn easy.
  2. Simpl. Just like Lazy Pay, Simpl also offers you to pay later with free credit now.
  3. Paytm Postpaid. First launched with ICICI bank account holders only, Paytm Postpaid is now available with all users.
  4. KrazyBee.
  5. Quiklo.
  6. SlicePay.
  7. ePayLater.
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