How do I access my TSP account?

Recover your online user account login

  1. Select the link, recover your Online User Account Login.
  2. Enter your TSP account number.
  3. Select the Submit button.
  4. Select how you want to verify your identity.
  5. Select the Submit button.
  6. Follow the prompts to verify your identity and select the Submit button.

How can I check my TSP balance?


Why can’t I access my TSP account?

You can resolve most common account access problems by requesting your account information, updating your validated contact information, or changing the way you receive your one-time passcodes for login.

How do I manage my TSP account?

How to Manage Your Thrift Savings Plan Account

  1. Review Your Contributions.
  2. Roth or Traditional TSP?
  3. Diversify Your Portfolio, Not Each Investment Account.
  4. Be Careful with Target Date Funds.
  5. Roll it in, or roll it out.
  6. Manage Risk.
  7. Use Investment Tools to Help You Manage All Your Investments.

When can I access my TSP?

age 59½ or older
Age-59 ½ in-service withdrawals are withdrawals that you can make from your TSP account when you’re age 59½ or older.

What is my TSP username?

If you have forgotten your User ID you can retrieve it online. If you don’t have a User ID, you must create one by entering your TSP account number on the login page. If you have forgotten your TSP account number you will need to call the TSP hotline at 877-968-3778 (404-233-4400 international number) to retrieve it.

What happens to my TSP if I quit?

Once you leave the uniformed services, you’ll no longer be able to make contributions. However, you can still change your investment mix, transfer eligible money into your account, and enjoy our low costs—all while your account continues to accrue earnings.

How do I access my civilian TSP account?

Accessing Your Account Once TSP receives your first contribution, it will mail you a welcome letter containing your TSP Personal Identification Number (PIN). You will need your PIN to access your TSP account.

Can you pull TSP early?

You have the option of increasing or waiving this withholding. The taxable portion of your withdrawal is subject to federal income tax at your ordinary rate. Also, you may have to pay state income tax. An additional IRS early withdrawal penalty of 10% may apply if you’re under the age of 59½.

How do I log into my TSP military?

Go to If you know your TSP account number, enter it in the blocks on the upper left hand side and press the Log In button.

Can I use my TSP to buy a house?

There are two types of TSP loans: general purpose loans and primary residence loans. A general purpose loan can be used for any purpose, including buying or building a house. And you don’t have to provide any supporting documentation when you apply.

Can you take TSP lump sum?

Lump Sum Withdrawals Lump sum distributions allow you to withdraw up to your entire TSP account balance in a single payment. This can be as a direct payment, a rollover to an IRA/Roth IRA, qualified retirement plan (e.g., 401(k)), or a combination.

Is there a TSP app?

The official TSP Mobile App is now available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. With our app on your personal device, you can access your TSP information anywhere, anytime.

Does TSP loan affect credit score?

When borrowing from the TSP, you are borrowing your own money, there is only a $50 fee, it doesn’t impact your credit score, and you only pay interest equivalent to the G Fund’s returns (and you are repaying that interest to yourself).

Can I take a loan from my TSP?

As a TSP participant, you’re allowed to borrow from your TSP account. While you might be tempted to take a TSP loan, you should consider the effects that taking out a loan will have on your retirement savings. It might cost you more than you think. When you take a TSP loan, you deplete your balance.

Can I withdraw my entire TSP?

You can withdraw your entire TSP account balance in a single payment. A series of monthly payments. You can withdraw your entire account in a series of substantially equal monthly payments.

How do I request a full withdrawal from TSP?

Requesting a withdrawal To request a withdrawal, log into My Account and click on the “Withdrawals and Changes to Installment Payments” link on the menu. From there you’ll have access to an online tool with which to start your withdrawal.

What is the new TSP app?

The TSP Mobile App gives you access to TSP support around the clock with our virtual assistant, AVA. AVA is designed to give you the information you need and, when you’re logged in, will personalize answers to your questions about your TSP account.

What happens to TSP if you quit?

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