How can I redirect one page to another page in JSP?

For redirect a page in JSP, we are calling response. sendRedirect(), By using this method, the server return back the response to the client, from where next request comes and it displays that url. Here we are using the implicit object “response” to redirect the browser to a different resource.

How Link JSP to another page in JSP?

Linking to Another Page

  1. Right-click your project’s src/main/resources/META-INF/resources folder and choose New → File.
  2. Name the file edit_entry. jsp and click Finish.
  3. Add this line to the top of the file: <%@ include file=”init.jsp” %>
  4. You’ll create two URLs: one to submit the form and one to go back to the view.jsp .

Which of the following codes redirects a user to a new page in JSP?

String site = “” ; response. setStatus(response. SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY); response.

How do you go from one JSP page to another by clicking submit button?

1 Answer

  1. use
  2. or submit to a servlet using , and then: redirect to page2, using response. sendRedirect(“page2. jsp”) or forward to page2, using request. getRequestDispatcher(“page2. jsp”). forward()

How do I forward a response in JSP?

Forward request from servlet to jsp

  1. submit from html.
  2. controller get the name from html.
  3. controller supposed to move the request to jsp files.

What is the difference between forward and redirect in servlet?

The Forward method forwards a request from one servlet to another resource in a web application and this resource can be another servlet, JSP page, or HTML file. The Redirect method, on the other hand, redirects the request to a different application. You cannot do this with a forward method.

What is the key difference between HttpServletResponse sendRedirect () and JSP forward?

(a) forward executes on the client while sendRedirect() executes on the server. (b) forward executes on the server while sendRedirect() executes on the client. (c) The two methods perform identically.

How do you redirect a page in java?


  1. sendRedirect() accepts the respective URL to which the request is to be redirected.
  2. Can redirect the request to another resource like Servlet, HTML page, or JSP page that are inside or outside the server.
  3. It works on the HTTP response object and always sends a new request for the object.

What is request getParameter in jsp?

getParameter(String name) – This method is used to get the value of a request’s parameter. For example at login page user enters user-id and password and once the credentials are verified the login page gets redirected to user information page, then using request.

How do I move an object from one jsp to another?

  1. If you are using forward (jsp:foprward or RequestDispatcher) from one page to another, then use request.setAttribute(..) and request.getAttribute(), because you are within the same request.
  2. If you are using redirect (via response. sendRedirect()), then use request. getSession(). setAttribute(..) and request.
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