How can I bring my family from Ukraine to USA?

There are some ways that one can help speedily bring Ukrainian family members, friends and refugees into the US….What options exist for Ukrainian refugees trying to enter the US?

  1. Current Visa.
  2. Applying for a Visa at a US Consulate.
  3. Applying for Parole at a US Border Checkpoint.

Can you sponsor someone from Ukraine?

Most people who reside legally in the United States — including green card holders and other immigrants — may apply to sponsor Ukrainian migrants, as long as they can prove they can financially support them.

Is Ukraine part of the Visa Waiver Program?

Since they are not part of the Visa Waiver Program, VWP requirements for machine-readable or biometric passports do not apply to nationals of Canada, Mexico or Bermuda. Also, it should be noted that some nationals of Canada and Bermuda traveling to the United States require nonimmigrant visas.

How can I invite someone from Ukraine to USA?

You need to provide the following list of documents for a USA B2 visitor visa:

  1. 2One photo.
  2. 3Documents which confirm your ties with Ukraine (income, availability of funds, etc.)
  3. 4Confirmation of the purpose of the trip.
  4. 5Receipt of consular ds-160 fee payment.
  5. 6Application form for the guest visa to the United States.

How long can a Ukrainian stay in the US?

If you have a Ukrainian passport and the B1/B2 Visa, you can stay in the US for 180 days per entry.

How long can a Ukrainian citizen stay in the US?

Uniting for Ukraine: The Department of Homeland Security’s Uniting for Ukraine program provides a pathway for displaced Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members who are outside the United States to come to the United States and stay temporarily for up to two years.

Can my Ukrainian friend come to America?

Ukrainians should not attempt to apply for non-immigrant visas in order to travel to the United States as refugees. All inquiries about refugee status and assistance should be directed to the nearest office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Can Ukraine citizens come to the US?

Uniting for Ukraine provides a pathway for Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members who are outside the United States to come to the United States and stay temporarily in a two-year period of parole.

How can a Ukrainian visit the US?

If you are a Ukrainian who wants to travel to the United States on a nonimmigrant visa you should go to Demand is extremely high, availability is low, and wait times and processing times are likely to be very lengthy (some wait times are more than a year).

Can a U.S. citizen sponsor a Ukrainian citizen?

Any U.S. citizen, including representatives of NGOs, can sponsor Ukrainian applicants. The sponsor must pass security background checks and prove they have sufficient financial resources to “receive, maintain, and support” the Ukrainians they commit to support, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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