How are KCPE points calculated?

The normalised / standardised score, S, for a candidate is calculated using this formula: S = 50 + 15x(R – M)/d; where R is the raw marks scored by the candidate, M is the national average for the subject and d is the national average scatter of marks (standard deviation).

How can I download KCPE result slip?

Procedure on how to download the Kcpe 2022 result slips

  1. Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal by using the link;
  2. Now, select ‘ON-LINE RESULT SLIP’.
  3. Once inside the portal, you will see several boxes.
  4. Wait for the result slips to load.

Is 2020 KCPE results out?

2020 KCPE Results Out – Send SMS with Your Index Number followed by initials KCPE to 20076 to Receive 2020 KCPE Results Released on 15th April 2021!

How do you get KCPE results per school?

Here is the procedure:

  1. Visit the Official KNEC website (
  2. Check for the KCPE Results tab, click on it.
  3. Select the year you sat for the Exams.
  4. Enter your Index number.
  5. Finally click the Submit button.
  6. Your KCPE results should show on the screen after a while.

Who was the first in KCPE 2020?

Mumo Faith Kawee from Karimwailu primary topped in the 2020 kcpe exams after scoring 433 marks out of 500. She was followed by Wesonga of Chogoria primary(432) and Mureithi Angel of Maseno Maseno Girls (432).

What level is KCPE?

Fewer schools at primary level are boarding schools compared to secondary schools. All public primary school pupils sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination at the end of the school year in Standard eight.

Who is leading in KCPE 2022?


Pos Name of Candidate Marks
1 Mumo Faith 433
2 Wesonga Nanzala 432
3 Muriithi Gakena 432
4 Wanyonyi Samwel 431

Is B a good grade in Kenya?

In Kenya, the grading system varies according to overall performance of candidates in the national exam called Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)….Secondary school.

Percent Grade Points
81–100% A 12
68–73% B+ 10
63–67% B 9
53–62% B- 8

How do I pass KCPE?


  1. Start your revision early.
  2. Plan your revision and monitor your progress.
  3. Revise regularly for a few hours at a time.
  4. Be disciplined.
  5. Create a good atmosphere in which to work.
  6. Revise each subject topic by topic.
  7. Make use of as many sources of information as possible.
  8. Listen out for hints and tips.

Can I repeat KCSE?

All candidates wishing to repeat the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations can now register. The registration will be carried out from 2nd June, 2021 and end on 31st July, 2021.

Who got the highest marks in KCPE?

Bruce Magata Mackenzie
Bruce Magata Mackenzie of Gilgil Hills Academy emerged as the top candidate, having scored 428 marks out of the possible 500. Ashley Momanyi of Makini School Kibos emerged second with 427 marks.

Who scored the highest marks in KCPE?

Bruce Mackenzie Magata
The top student was Bruce Mackenzie Magata of Gilgil Hills Academy who scored 428 marks. A total of 11,857 students scored 400 marks and above. While announcing the results, CS Magoha also gave a breakdown of the performance of pupils with special needs.

Who is the best student in KCPE?

Magata Bruce
Magata Bruce from Gilgil Hills Academy was the Top Candidate in 2021 KCPE Exam with 428 Marks. 2nd Top Candidate 2021 KCPE 2022 Results – Ashley Kerubo from Makini School Kibos with 427 marks. KCSE 2021 – Overall Performance Improved but Highest Marks Reduced.

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