Does SM tickets accept debit card?

Hi! We only accept VISA or Mastercard credit card payments online. 🙂 How about this? I have a debit card that is a mastercard.

How can I book movie ticket on GCash?

How To Book a Movie on GCash

  1. Open your GCash app and click ‘More’.
  2. From the list of all transaction categories, click ‘Book Movies’ from the Lifestyle & Shopping section.
  3. Indicate the email address where the movie e-ticket will be sent to.
  4. Click the ‘Proceed’ button.

Can I bring drinks in SM Cinema?

SM Cinemas – Minors are no longer required to present proof of vaccination. – Food and drinks will be allowed inside the cinema.

Is there an SM Cinema app?

The SM Cinema App is the easiest way to get you to the cinema. Look at showtimes by movie or by branch, reserve your seats, buy your tickets, order your movie snacks, earn points and enjoy rewards.

Can you go to cinema without vaccine Philippines?

Come and enjoy a #SafeandFunMovieWatching with your family and friends. – Minors are no longer required to present proof of vaccination. – Food and drinks will be allowed inside the cinema.

Does Robinson cinema accept GCash?

Robinsons Movieworld has now embraced the GCash cashless payment system in all of its branches nationwide in order to bring added convenience to its moviegoers. “The push for a cashless payment system is strongly supported by Robinsons Movieworld.

How can I see my GCash card?

To access your GCash American Express virtual card, just go to “My Linked Accounts” (which can be accessed by the tapping the top-left menu or by swiping from left to right) and select “American Express Virtual Pay.” There you can view your card number, expiry date, security code/CVV, US address and phone number.

Can you eat popcorn in cinema Covid Philippines?

Last October, cinema operators finally allowed the resumption of theater, which is a big win for moviegoers. But people from places under COVID-19 Alert Level 1 can now eat and drink inside the cinemas – bring some popcorn or another fave snack.

Is SM Cinema Open Level 3 alert?

Here’s a rundown of cinema guidelines to remember under Alert Level 3: Only fully vaccinated individuals are permitted (with presented authentic vaccination cards) 30% capacity is allowed. No eating inside the cinema.

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