Does Android 17 get revived?

It was implied that he was alive back in the Cell saga, as the wish to remove the bombs from the Androids affected him as well. 17 died when Cell blew himself up, after Cell was defeated everyone killed by Cell was revived, 17 included.

How did Super 17 lose?

(Goku goes in the direction of Super Android 17). Goku reaches the Android with the Fist of the Dragon. Goku destroyed the Super Android 17 with akamehameha – Super Android is finally destroyed.

Is Android 16 alive in Dragon Ball Super?

Android 16 was killed by Cell in Dragon Ball Z, but it’s possible that he was secretly revived by the Dragon Balls, despite his robotic nature.

Does Android 17 die in Dragon Ball Super?

In turn, Android 17, shocking everyone, finally manages to free himself from the stage rubble, revealing that he was alive the entire time, and powers up alongside Frieza to face off against Jiren. 17 initially charges Jiren and is able to fend him off for a bit but is kicked aside.

How does Android 17 die?

Android 17 is ultimately killed when Semi-Perfect Cell self-destructs on King Kai’s planet. 17’s life is restored after the Z Fighters use the Dragon Balls to revive those who died as a result of Cell’s campaign.

How does 17 defeat the bio android?

As 17 continues to quickly dodge Cell’s attacks, Cell grabs 17 by his right arm, and throws him into the ground, creating a crack in the ground. Before the Bio-Android can absorb him, Piccolo kicks Cell on the side of its head, knocking him away from 17. As 17 recovers and lifts himself up, he asks Piccolo why the creature needs to absorb him.

Does Android 17 kill Gero in Android 16?

Fed up with the mad scientist, 17 murders Gero by impaling and decapitating him before stepping on his living head. Android 17 again tells Android 18 to activate Android 16, but a desperate Future Trunks says that he will not let there be any more androids, and transforms into a Super Saiyan before firing a Buster Cannon into the lab.

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