Can you use reusable coffee pods in Tassimo?

Another great thing about using a reusable coffee capsule, means you’re not stuck to using just one brand of coffee (or tea). You can use any granulated/powdered/instant coffee of your choice, and even hot chocolate! These capsules will work with all Tassimo machines.

What can you use instead of Tassimo pods?

Tassimo pods only work with Tassimo machines or coffee makers, so you cannot use them in Nespresso coffee makers. You would have to use Nespresso pods or capsules instead.

How do you use the yellow Tassimo disc?

Clean and descale your tassimo in 10 easy steps

  1. Fill water tank and add 2 TASSIMO descaling tablets.
  2. Take the Service T DISC (yellow disc) from the machine and place it with the barcode facing down in the brew head.
  3. Place the water tank with descaling solution back in your TASSIMO machine.
  4. Place a container of min.

Can I use my own coffee with Tassimo?

Description: The My-Cap reusable disc allows you to use your favorite coffee and reduce your cost per cup. This reusable disc lowers the cost to brew each cup and also gives you better brews each time.

Does Tassimo make compostable pods?

A: Yes! Our pods have been designed from the start to be composted in all types of municipal composting systems, both aerobic (oxygenated) and anaerobic (without oxygen).

How do you clean a TASSIMO without a yellow disc?

The method is simply, run your vinegar-water mix through your coffee maker just as you would regular water. Run the vinegar-water mix to make a full pot of coffee or cup of coffee, depending on your brewer. Do this once, and then run the brewer two more times with regular water to rinse out any residual vinegar.

Can I use milk in my Tassimo?

Shake the milk pod and insert it into your TASSIMO machine with the barcode facing down. Press the button. Replace the milk T DISC with any T DISC of your choice and press the button again.

Are reusable coffee pods good?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes – refillable coffee capsules are definitely worth checking out. They can be economical, environmentally friendly and capable of producing a great cup of coffee.

Can Aldi coffee pods be recycled?

Yes, EXPRESSI Aldi pods are recyclable.

Can you use TASSIMO for just hot water?

Fortunately it is easy to use your TASSIMO machine as a hot water dispenser. All you need to do is use the service disc which comes with each TASSIMO machine and is usually stored in a slot which is accessible when the water tank is removed.

How do you use the yellow TASSIMO disc?

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