Can I learn a back handspring on my own?

Do not attempt a back handspring by yourself without a spot. You need to be in a gym with a trained coach. They can spot your back handsprings, until they are comfortable with you being able to do them by yourself.

Can gymnastics damage growth plates?

In a growing child, the open growth plate in the wrist is very vulnerable to injury, and gymnasts can develop what we call “gymnast’s wrist,” or a stress fracture to the growth plate.

How tall is the average female gymnast?

In fact, over the past 30 years, the average elite female gymnast has shrunk from about 5-foot-3 on average to about 4-foot-9. Why are elite female gymnasts getting smaller? Because the more demanding gymnastics routines have become, the bigger an advantage it is to be small.

How to do a back handspring?

Doing a Back Handspring 1. Stand with your arms out in front of you. Keep your feet about hip distance apart and look straight ahead of you, in… 2. Get in a sitting position while starting to swing your arms over your head. Now, you can bend those knees further, as… 3. Continue swinging your

How do you do a backflip with a spotter?

Ideally, your spotter should also be a fellow gymnast or cheerleader, so he or she is familiar with what to do. Your spotter should place a hand on your lower back while placing the other under your thighs as you flip backwards. Stand by your spotter with your legs, feet, and knees nearly together and your arms in front of you.

How do you warm up before doing a back handspring?

Warm up. You shouldn’t attempt a back handspring without warming up, as it makes you more likely to get hurt. Jog a few laps around the gym or track to get your blood flowing. You can also jump rope for a couple minutes, or do jumping jacks, lunges, or push ups.

What stretches should I do before doing a back handspring?

Here are some stretches you can try before doing a back handspring: Stretch your back by doing a back bend. Then, do a counter-stretch by curling up into a ball on the floor and hugging your knees to roll out your back. For an extra stretch in your back, stand up and touch your toes.

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