Are soleus air dehumidifiers recalled?

Recall Details Description: This recall involves 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 65 and 70-pint dehumidifiers with brand names Danby, De’Longhi, Fedders, Fellini, Frigidaire, GE, Gree, Kenmore, Norpole, Premiere, Seabreeze, SoleusAir and SuperClima. Recalled model numbers and date codes are listed below.

Are soleus air dehumidifiers any good?

Soleus Air’s $225 SG-DEH-70-2 dehumidifier has been a CR Best Buy in Consumer Reports’ Ratings. But it’s also among the models cited in a recent stop-sale notice issued by the manufacturer after reports that the dehumidifier can overheat, smoke, and catch fire.

Who makes soleus air dehumidifiers?

Chigo Air Conditioning Co, Ltd.
Soleus Air’s air conditioners and dehumidifiers are made by Chigo Air Conditioning Co, Ltd. Chigo is one of the top air conditioning and dehumidifier manufacturers in the world.

How do I know if my dehumidifier is recalled?

To find out whether or not your dehumidifier is part of the recall, look at the nameplate sticker located on the back of the unit. This sticker will list the brand name, model number, and capacity (in pints). Consumers can check that information against the full list of recalled units posted in the CPSC recall notice.

Why is my dehumidifier not collecting any water?

If your dehumidifier is not collecting water, the unit is not operating properly: Try resetting the dehumidifier by disconnecting power to the unit for 30 seconds and re-connecting the power. Then, set the control settings and see if the unit operates properly.

Why is my soleus air dehumidifier freezing up?

If the filter is dirty, it will restrict airflow through the unit and lead to freezing. Soleus recommends lightly vacuuming the surface of the filter to remove dirt. The filter also can be washed in warm water if it is extremely dirty. Once clean, place the filter back in its compartment.

What would make a dehumidifier stop working?

The culprit could be a dirty fan or a broken fan blade. If comfortable checking inside the unit, unplug it and then remove the cover, then turn the fan blade by hand to see if either debris or a broken blade is keeping the fan from turning.

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