Are links allowed in eBay listings?

To protect our members, listings or products can’t contain links that direct customers to a site other than eBay, even if the link is not clickable. While there are some exceptions, listings or item descriptions can’t contain links that direct customers to any other site.

Can I put a link to my eBay store on my website?

Although many eBay users would like to link their business websites to their auctioning accounts, it’s almost impossible to do so if you sell goods or services on your business website, because eBay’s links policy forbids links to external sellers.

Can I use Amazon images on eBay?

No, you can’t use images or videos from a manufacturer’s website, even if it is publicly available. Copying content from other websites or internet searches may be considered copyright infringement.

What is URL on eBay?

Click on your name as shown on this page. That will take you to your Profile page. There you will see a Store link under your name. Copy the Link Location (right-click) and you will get this:

Are videos allowed on eBay listings?

You can add videos to your listings free of charge to help showcase items in more detail using APIs or certain third party providers. Currently, videos are displayed in the image gallery of the listing in the eBay app and the mobile browser.

Can you use website pictures on eBay?

Is it illegal to sell Amazon items on eBay?

So I wrote to the seller to ask why it came from Amazon and he wrote back Well, almost 90% sellers on ebay are reselling Amazon items, it’s absolutely legal.

How do I get a short URL for eBay?

The URL shortening services that are currently permitted are:

  1. Bitly (
  2. Hootsuite (
  3. Buffer (
  4. Google Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL), mobile only.

How do I share a link on eBay app?

Click the Site Preferences link on the left side of the page. Click the Show link next to Share your eBay items with friends.

Is it illegal to sell a picture of an item on eBay?

Yes, this is illegal, and, if your transaction is interstate, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will come after you.

Do affiliate links work with Bitly?

With Bitly, you can create branded social media links. Our affiliate link shortener allows you to use whatever anchor link you want.

How do I shorten my affiliate links?

There are many URL shortening services such as, Google URL Shortener, TinyUrl,, Rebrandly and others. For the most part, all you need to do is paste your affiliate link into the specified area. The provider will then create a shortened link for you to use.

Can I post eBay links on Instagram?

If you have an eBay store, you can link it to there, or you could link directly to your eBay categories. Say you just want to promote t-shirts, then you want to link it to your t-shirt category on Instagram on You can just link it to your eBay ID. If you don’t have an eBay store, it’s okay.

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