Who won heavy or pyro?

At the conclusion of the event, Team Pyro won with 56% of the total votes while Team Heavy received 44%, thus guaranteeing that the Pyro would receive the first class pack.

What is wrong with the Pyro in TF2?

Due to the Flamethrower’s short-range, the Pyro is weaker at longer ranges and relies heavily on ambushing, taking alternate routes to catch opponents off-guard. The Pyro wears an asbestos-lined suit that provides protection from the afterburn from enemy Pyros.

Who won the meat VS match TF2?

Results. Pyro won 56% to 44% (Heavy). When the Pyro was announced as the winner, a special picture replaced the original picture . This picture showed the Pyro giving the peace sign with both hands, and the Heavy in “baby angel” form with a “lollipop” (Lollichop) in his mouth.

Who won Soldier or Demoman?

The Soldier won with 6,406,065 total kills to the Demoman’s 6,372,979, granting the Soldier the prize of an extra unlockable weapon, the Gunboats. The second competition was the Propaganda Contest.

When was the Pyro update?

The update was released in the June 19, 2008 Patch.

What did Jungle Inferno add?

It introduced 5 new weapons, 5 new community-made maps, 1 new Valve-made map, 7 new taunts, 1 new kill taunt, 49 new cosmetics (though 4 all-class items are currently unreleased), and many rebalances for existing weapons as well as the Pyro class.

Who is the voice actor for Pyro in TF2?

The Pyro’s voice actor, Dennis Bateman, also voices the Spy. The Pyro has the same voice for the English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian versions of Team Fortress 2. Three Napalm Grenades, weapons from Team Fortress Classic, appear strapped to the front of the Pyro’s suit and were originally intended to be usable weapons in Team Fortress 2.

What happens if you throw the flame thrower on a pyro?

Sometimes, if the Pyro dies while using the Flame Thrower, flames are left behind. The flames do not damage players and go away after a few seconds. Many times, after using the Flame Thrower and quickly switching weapons, flame particles appear to shoot out of the Flame Thrower.

What is the Pyro in meet the pyro?

As shown in Meet the Pyro, the Pyro appears to be insane and delusional, living in a utopian fantasy world known as Pyroland. The Pyro specializes in fighting enemies at close range using a homemade Flame Thrower. Enemies set on fire suffer from afterburn and take additional damage over time, allowing the Pyro to excel at hit-and-run tactics.

How does the pyro get the Rainbow to burn?

The Pyro then leans over as foreboding music plays, causing the rainbow to become engulfed in flames. When seen outside of Pyroland, the rainbow does not appear, and the Pyro simply breathes a steady arc of fire before releasing an inferno.

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