Who was the best Don Giovanni?

Heading that cast is one of the two or three indisputably greatest Don Giovannis of the 20C, Cesare Siepi, the epitome of saturnine charm and leonine elegance.

What is the title of the piece Leporello sings shortly after the introduction?

-He sings with no clear sense of the beat. his humorous aria sung by Leporello is known as his “Catalogue” (meaning “list” or “record”) aria.

What is the climax of Don Giovanni?

As he chooses his own condemnation, the floor opens up amidst brilliant fireworks and flames and swallows Don Giovanni into its chasm. The music also achieves its horrifying climax: a frightening men’s choir shows up suddenly and eerily on the semicircular set that surrounds the scene of Don Giovanni’s fall.

What is the plot of Don Giovanni?

Mozart’s outrageous comedy tells the tale of an incorrigible young playboy who blazes a path to his own destruction in a single day. Based on the story of Don Juan, Don Giovanni follows an irresistible (yet irresponsible and amoral) youth who is loved by women almost as universally as he loves them.

What is the libretto Don Giovanni Tenorio about?

Lorenzo Da Ponte ‘s libretto is based on Giovanni Bertati ‘s for the opera Don Giovanni Tenorio, which premiered in Venice early in 1787. Two important elements he copied were opening the drama with the murder of the Commendatore, and not specifying Seville as the setting.

What happens to Donna Anna and Don Giovanni?

The masked Don Giovanni fools Donna Anna initially as she thinks he is her betrothed, Don Ottavio. When she realizes that it may not be him, she demands he remove his mask and screams for help. Commendatore rushes to her aid. As the two men fight, Donna Anna disappears to call for Don Ottavio.

Who is the director of the movie Don Giovanni?

A screen adaptation was directed by Joseph Losey in 1979. The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote a long essay in his book Enten – Eller in which he argues, writing under the pseudonym of his character “A”, that “among all classic works Don Giovanni stands highest.”

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